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Cloud Drive (Must Be Added Same Day as Device)
Cloud Drive (Must Be Added Same Day as Device)
Automatic Updates in just 1 Click
Cloud Drive (Must Be Added Same Day as Device)
Cloud Drive (Must Be Added Same Day as Device)
Cloud Drive (Must Be Added Same Day as Device)
Cloud Drive (Must Be Added Same Day as Device)

Cloud Drive (Must Be Added Same Day as Device)


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Cloud access download the best kodi builds apps service and tech care

Why Do We Charge for the Cloud Service? The Cloud is an Optional Service that Needs to Be Added on the Same Day That You Purchase Your Device, in order for Us to Sign You In. We Charge You for the Cost of the Servers and the Cost of the Cloud Accounts on Each Device. Each Device Requires Its Own Cloud. For Example, If You are Purchasing 2 Devices and Want the Cloud Drive on Each Device, You Need 2 Cloud Drives. If You Are Tech-Savvy, You May Not Need This Service, but it Will Save You a Lot of Time. Please See the 3 Guarantees and 8 Benefits for LMIR Cloud Members Towards the Bottom Before Purchasing Your Product and Note That This List Included Just 4 Benefits at the Same Time Last Year.

If This Is Your First Time Purchasing a Streaming Product and You Are  Thinking About Purchasing a Less Expensive Product that Claims to Have "Free Automatic Updates". "Free Lifetime Support", etc. Please Click Here to See Our List of Misleading Sales Tactics to Steer Clear of in 2020. In Short, These Sellers Do Not Have Anyway to Update Anything on Their Devices Period and 95% of Free Streaming Apps, Addons, and Builds Do Not Last Longer than 6 Months Max. (Reach Out to Us if You Find any Other Seller with Cloud Support and We Will Revise this Statement.)

 New Promotion to Get 2 Years of Cloud Service for the Price of 1. 700+ Days of Optimizations and Effortless Updates. Strict Limit. 2 Devices Per Customer.

For the Same Price You Pay for a Wholesale Box Sellers Assembly Line Setup, Plus 1 Hidden Fee which will buy you 6 months of Unoptimized, Frustrating Streaming Performance Max. You Can Purchase a Superior Fully Optimized Streaming Solution That is Designed to Just Work and Stay Right Where You Want Your Device to Stay; Connected to You, Your Family, and Your TV. 

We Only Ask That You Take the $40 You Save (Not to Mention the 10 Days You Would Have to Wait) Each Time You Update or Recover Your Kodi Build and Leave Us a 5-Star Review Below When the Cloud Saves You More Money Than You Paid For Your Device and Cloud Combined or When You Get to $200 (10x What You Paid For the Cloud) Whichever Comes First.

1. That is $40 Each Time You Click "Clear Data" instead of "Clear Cache" when Attempting to Unfreeze a Kodi Build.

2. $40 Each Time You Update to Replace Dead or Hijacked Addons.

3. $40 Each Time You Have to Restore Your Build or Update to a Newer Version of Kodi, For Example, When You Go From Kodi 17.6 to Kodi 18. Etc.

4. Each Time Your Favorite Streaming Apps and App Markets Need to Be Swapped Out Because They Are Broken and Abandoned,

Click Here to Go to Our "Top 10 List" We Update This List Daily or As Soon As We Find Anything New to Help You. Just Click it and See Everything We Have Found to Improve Our Customers Streaming Setup.


With Our Clouds and Support Tools, You Can Update or Restore Anything on Your Device from the Comfort of Your Living Room in Less Time Than It Takes You to Pay Your Hidden Fee, Box Up Your Device, Drive to The Local Post Office, and Wait in Line Worrying About How Many New Scratches and Dings Your Device is Going to Come Back with This TIme. Just Click Our Support Page and Scroll Down Until You See the   Icon or the  Icon for Our Custom "Day 1: Freedom" Build and Click the Walkthrough Video You Need to Update or Recover Your Builds. You Will See That Our Day 1 Freedom Build Updates in 15-20 Minutes(**Now just 5-10 Mins Thanks to Our New "Rapid Update and Recovery" and "AutoTasks", See Videos Above**) and Your Kodi Build Updates with Just 3 Clicks in 10-15 Mins (Depending on Internet Speeds and Time of Day) 

3 Simple Guarantees with the LMIR Cloud that You Will Only Find Here. 

1. The Best Tools to Maintain, Recover, and Update Your Device.

2. You Do Not Have to Mail in Your Device and Pay Hidden Fees to Update Your Device. 

3. Unrivaled, World-Class Customer Support 

Actual Message from a Customer About Our Superior Customer Support with the Help of the Cloud: 

"I thought that was game over and I knew they were going to be frowning every day until we got this back. Thinking it was all their fault... Thank You for taking such good care of your customers and Thank You for putting so much thought into your products."


Your Customer For Life 

 What Do You Get with the LMIR Cloud?

In Short, All the Latest Streaming Tech We Have to Offer In Real-Time 

  1. New Cloud Upgrades and Optimizations like "Autotasks" and "Lifeboat" to Make Even the Worst Case Scenarios More Simple for You. For Example, As of 4/28, You No Longer Need to Copy and Paste. Everything in the Cloud is 1-Click with the Opportunity to Potentially Make this Fully Automated in the Future. Click Your Menu Button (or Click the 3 Dot Menu on Your NVIDIA Shield) and Click "AutoTasks". Click the Build You Want to Update or Restore. This is the Definition of "In and Out".Simple 1-Click Automatic Updates 
  2. The Only 100% TV Friendly App Market Period. Most People Do Not Realize How Important this is Until They Start Installing Apps on Their Device and Quickly Realize That None of Them Work. 95% of All Apps are Designed to Work on Touch Screen Devices Only. They Do Not Respond to a Remote Control at All. It Makes Searching for New Apps Time-Consuming and Frustrating. Every App in Our App Market is Screened to Make Sure it Works on Your TV. And Every App in Our App Spotlight is Ranked so You Know Which Apps Are the Best Right Now. You Can Long Press on Any App, Click "Select All", Scroll Down and Click "Install" to Update All Your Existing Apps and Install All the Latest New Apps We Have Found in Any Section At One Time. This is Another Time-Saving, Game-Changer That You Will Only Find Here. 
  3. Full Build Updates for Our Custom Build, the "Day 1: Freedom Build." And Any New Builds We Decide to Launch with All the Latest Tips, Tricks, and New Features we Have to Offer. For Example, We've Released 2 New Variations of the Freedom Build in the Past 6 Months. We Released "Freedom Light" to Make Up for the Lack of High-Quality Builds Available for Firestick Customers and the We Launched "4K Freedom" for NVIDIA Customers with Premium Accounts who Wanted the Highest Quality Streams Available. We Also Put Together a "Sampler Build" to Introduce Our Customers to over 100+ Elite Community Builds, Featuring the Most Productive Developer Team in the Kodi Community. A Team who Pushes Out New Builds, New Build Updates with New Addons Faster Than Anyone Else and They Keep Their Builds Stocked with the Best Working Addons. 
  4. Optimized Versions of the Best New, Elite Kodi Builds. Everyone Says They Have the Fastest Build and the Best Build. We Side-By-Side Test Them and Put Them to the Test. We Take the Top 3 (Based on Performance, Word of Mouth, and Downloads) And We Put 100's of Hours Into Optimizing The Winners to Make Them Even Faster and Easier to Use. We Also Test to See How Quickly the Developers Send Out Full Build Updates so You Get the Best New Addons Before Anyone Else. 
  5. Updates for Elite Community Builds That Are Abandoned. For Example, We Have Uploaded 3 Build Updates and Helped Our Customers Transfer to More Productive Builds 5 Times in the Past 2 Years Alone. 2 Of These Transfers Were from Builds That Were Completely Abandoned Out of Nowhere (the Ultimate Game-Over Scenario) 
  6. Build Updates with New and Improved Addons that Represent the Future of Streaming like Gaia, Powder, Resistance, Ascension, Exodus 6, Etc. Addons That Give You More HD and 4K Content. For Example, We Added Covenant 3 Months Before Most Developers Knew about It (Click Here to See In July 2017). We added Placenta 1 Month Before any Other Build Developer Added It. Currently, There is Only 1 Other Build Developer that Includes Gaia, the Best 4k Addon Available. 
  7. Performance Improvements that Make Your Device Fly. We Spend Over 1000 Hours Per Year on This Alone. In Just the Past 3 Months, We Have Rolled Out Improvements that Reduce Start Times for Our Kodi Builds and Kodi Addons by 40%. (And We Are Weeks Away from Releasing Another Performance Improvement that is Going to Increase Overall Speed an Additional 20%.)
  8. Our Top 10 Lists and Cloud Docs that Tell You Exactly Which Applications and Addons to Use Based on Performance Alone. No Hype. (We Spend Hundreds Of Hours Each Year Testing Every App and Addon. Click Here to See Our Top 10 List.)
  9. Premium Apps and Addons. Want to Cut the Cord? or Get Sports Passes for Cheap? Virtually 100% of the People Who Are Giving Out Advice In This Category Are Getting Kickbacks. You Will Never Catch Us Giving Out Affiliate Codes or Links With Affiliates Codes Period. We Have Turned Down Nearly Every Live TV and VPN Provider that is Around Right Now. We Are the Only Seller in this Business Who Does Not Recommend You Get a VPN Period. Unless You Live in a Country Where Streaming Is Illegal (Like the UK). Why? So You Always Know that the Advice We Give You is Nothing but the 100% Truth. 

App Markets That We Have Replaced in the Last 6 Months AppDroid, App Buddy 1 and 2 (Gone), ApkTime Version 1.6, 1.7 Platinum, 1.9 Orange, 1.9 Black, 2.0 Original, You Click Update and Nothing Happens, You Go to the ApkTime Website and The Link Does Not Work. It Took Us 2 Hours to Find 2.0 and Then They Released 2.1 Just 2 Days Later So We Had to Do It All Over Again,  Doc Squiffy the Best Online App Market for Sports, and Dimitrology the Best Kodi Build Developer, with the Best Online App Market, Addons Market, Adult Addons Installer, Etc. (All Abandoned).

Android Apps That We Have Replaced In the Last 6 Months  Terrarium TV, Morpheus TV, Showbox, Bobby Movies, NFL HD, MLB HD, NHL HD, NCAA HD, SP NFL, SP MLB, SP NHL, SP NCAA,  TV Tapp, Snappy Streamz, Solid Streams,(Must Be Uninstalled and Reinstalled, The Latest Update Broke the App. It Only Works on Touch Screen Devices Now), We Could Go On and On. (All Gone) Live Net 4.6  and UKTV (We Had to Dig Up the New Applications on the Web, Both Have to Be Manually Installed from the Cloud Because No App Markets Have Found Them Yet)

Kodi Addons We Have Replaced in the Last 6 Months (Some of These Addons Were Out for Only 2 Months) Covenant, Death Streams, Elysium Lite, Genesis Reborn, Legendary, Neptune Rising, Numbers (from Cosmic Saints), Placenta, Poseidon, Star-Tec, EasyOver, Gen-X, Exodus (We Are On Version 9 of Exodus Now, It Has Required Us To Manually Replace It 6 Times in 3 Years Now) Every Single Addon From Our Most Recent YouTube Walkthrough Videos, (Uranus, Genesis, Etc.) Is Either Gone or Has Been Replaced Because It Has Not Received Updates in 2 Months or More. 2 Addons that Were In Everyone's Top 3 List for Movie Addons Just this Month. Watch Dogs (Gone) and 13 Clowns (Both Were Hacked and Infected By Malware) We Have Manually Replaced 13 Clowns and Resistance  New Repo, New Scrapers, New URL Address. This is  More Work than If It Was Just Gone, Deceit, and Startec, the Best Live TV Addons from Just 3 Months Ago, Not 1 Single Channel Works as of 4/26 Update  6/21: 13 Clowns is Gone for Good Now. 

Kodi Builds: "Kodi No Limits Magic" and All Other Kodi No Limits Builds Have Been Replaced Again and it is Still Filled with Outdated and Dead Kodi Addons from the List Above, (This Build Has Been Replaced At Least 10 Times in the Last 5 Years) All Durex Builds, and all 6 Cosmic Saints Builds, and Many More Have Not Received Updates in 6 Months or More. 

Full Disclaimer: The LetsMakeItRight! Cloud Drive Does Not Include or Host Any Copyrighted Content and We Are Not Affiliated with Any Third-Party Content Providers Who Do. is not endorsed or affiliated with LMIR  is not affiliated with the creators of Kodi. This site sells hardware used to watch legal content using the stock/default Kodi approved add-ons. No copyrighted content or media is installed on these devices. Any content viewed on these devices is hosted on third-party servers in which we have no affiliation does not advocate any misuse of any devices or media. There is no implied affiliation to any third party programs or servers. and the "seller" is not liable for any misuse of these devices after the sale. Your purchase is an agreement and understanding of this disclaimer.

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  • Had a bad experience with a competitor ( and returned product. I'll soon receive a new Nvidia Shield TV, and my intent was to root it myself, and build Kodi myself, but I came across your website. I see I can send my new box to you and you'll provide this service. However, my question is, can I add the limited time Cloud offer at $19.99 and you provide the root service to the box via Cloud, versus sending it in? Thanks, Dave.

    First of all, I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience. We have bought 3 of their devices in the past 4 years (we research all our competitors) and I sware those guys are going out of their way to make their boxes not last. Old abandoned addons in a build that only has 15 addons? How is that even possible? After being in this business for 6 months you quickly realize that you need more than just a backup. It's just the nature of streaming. Things come and go. They have been doing this almost as long as us and don't include a backup, and don't even mention it period on their listings. (sorry about the rant) You can purchase the install and add the cloud, but you have to ship us your device. We tried test launching something similar and it did not go over well. So you have to ship it to us. For full disclosure, we figured out how to do everything we do without rooting your device when Nvidia launched 7.0. We do not recommend rooting because Nvidia does a really good job of pushing out updates. We've had 4 major updates since purchasing our boxes. It's also more user-friendly. You just click update. Updating the firmware on a rooted box is not something that is fun even if you are techy.

  • I live in Los Angeles area, planning to cut the spectrum cable cord, before I purchase, please let me know if I'm able to watch live or just finished Lakers games on your recommended device. Thank you.

    It's live tv and finished laker games. See the video playlists at the bottom of the listing, but If you're planning on cutting the cord I recommend you get our cloud drive or leave us a message saying you want the best paid live tv providers. They range from $5 -15 per month and give you access to private servers that are more reliable than free sources.