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100% Lifetime Feedback

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We do not Want to Be the Biggest, We Just Want to Be the Best. Some People Are Willing to Say and Do Anything to Increase Their Sales. We Do Not Believe in Using "Trigger" Words like, "Unlimited", "Free", "Automatic", and "Instant", Repeatedly Just To Get Our Customers to Impulse Buy Our Products and We Always Tell Our Customers the Full Story, the Good and the Bad, Up-Front in Our Product Listings. 
Are We Perfect? Absolutely Not, We Make Mistakes just like Everyone Else. Our Only Super Power is That We Listen to Each and Every Word Our Customers Tell Us and We Forge Everything We Learn Back Into Our Products, so Our Customers Know We Hear Them Loud and Clear. 
Everything That is Outstanding About Our Streaming Products Originated as Requests from Loyal Customers Who Needed Our Help. Features like Our All-New Rapid Recovery, Quick Update Cloud Service, and the 1st Ever Kodi DVR Are Custom Solutions Designed to Deliver Tangible, Life Upgrading, Money-Saving, and Time-Saving Benefits and All Are Only Available Because Our Customers took the Time to Reach Out to Us and We Took the Time to Listen.
Please Scroll Down to See the Screenshots from Our Verifiable Public Accounts, Click the Direct Links and Feel Free to Read Every Single Review. See How Many Repeat Customers You Can Spot. Read the Actual Words Our Customers Write about Our Streaming Products and Click the Video Below to See All of the Above and Everything Inside Our Accounts. We Open Up All of Our Online Accounts for Our Streaming Products and Invite Everyone in to See Everything for 100% Transparency.
  • Not Just Our 100% Lifetime Feedback, Every Metric In All Our Verifiable Public Accounts.
  • Email Response Time, Shipping Speed, Order Incident Percentage, Etc.
  • 1 Neutral Review From a Loyal eBay Customer Who Was Unable to Change the Review from Neutral to Positive in Time, He Was Able to Leave Us Positive Word of Mouth Saying, "Everything is Good, Thank You for All Your Help, Awesome Service". (See Screenshot, Video, and Links Below) He Did Not Know We Had a Cloud to Help Him Recover His Kodi Build Because We Could Not Even Mention the Word, "Kodi" on eBay or They Would Start Pulling Our Listings. We Began Developing Our Own Website the Very Next Day to Guarantee This Would Never Happen Again.  


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