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NVIDIA Shield Streamers: Click Here if You Updated Your NVIDIA System Software to Oreo and More Importantly, See the Notes Below the Video. We Update This Everytime We Find Something New that Helps Someone. Unfortunately, We Do Not Recommend Updating to the Latest "NVIDIA Shield Experience" but We Will Release another Walkthrough Video on YouTube and Post the Link on the Top 10 List and the Complete Streaming Guide as Soon as We Find Anything Tangible That Is Worth the Extra Time and Effort. 

Kodi Update and Recovery Videos

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"Day 1: Freedom" Update and Recovery Videos

The "Day 1: Freedom" Build is Built Like a Bomb Shelter. It Does Not Rely on a Wizard or Repo so You Can Go From Version 1 to Version 31 and Update in 20 Mins or Less Even if You Are Unable to Open Your Build. "Freedom" Also Includes a Built-in Addon Market and Easy Expander Addons in Each Section. Simply Scroll Down and to the Right in any Section and Click on Any Addon after the Word "Addon Expanders" and Click "Install". See Our Top 10 List for the Addons We Recommend Today or Click Here for the Most Current Quick Update and Restore Videos for Your Freedom Build 

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