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LetsMakeItRight Vs. the Big Box Sellers

Anyone Can Claim to Have Lifetime Customer Support and 100% Lifetime Feedback, But We Are the Only Seller on the Market With the Support Applications and the Reviews to Back This Up. Go Directly to The Sellers 3rd Party Reviews on eBay, eBid, and Bonanza. There is No Way to Remove Negative Feedback on 3rd Party Sites like eBay, Bonanza, Etc. They Keep Every Feedback Review on File Forever, So Go Directly to the 3rd Party Websites and Don't Just Look for the Percentage of the Feedback Because It Refreshes Every Year, Make Sure You Skim Through the Actual Words in the Feedback. You Want to Find Feedback Like, "This is the Best Firestick Ever", not just "Fast Shipping" or "As Described".

Do They Include Full Build Updates? Most Sellers Do Not Do Anything for Their Customers Unless They Attach a $35 Check Minimum to Their Box and Drop it in the Mailbox. We Include 1 Elite Kodi Community Build with Full Build Updates and Our Custom Build with a Built-In Cloud Drive So Our Customers Can Copy and Paste Updates to Their Device and Get the Latest and Greatest Setup We have to Offer. These "Full Build Updates" or "Fresh Install Updates" Save You Hundreds of Hours of Work Per Year or More. We Spend Well Over a 1000 Hours Per Year on Our Build So It's Most Likely More. And They Keep Your Device Working Like It Did on Day 1. 

Why 2 or More Kodi Applications and Fully-Supported Kodi Builds? We Do Not Want You to Return Your Device or Pay Hidden Fees to Restore Your Kodi Builds. We Include One Custom Kodi Build, Our "Day 1: Freedom Build" and At Least One Optimized Elite Community Build with Options to Quickly Update Your Build (3-Clicks) or Switch Over to 100's of Different Builds with Every Device. Why? We Cannot See Into the Future. Kodi Builds, Kodi Addons, and Free Streaming Apps Are Abandoned All the Time. The More Builds You Have, the More Developer Teams You Have In Your Corner, Pushing Out Full Build Updates that Dramatically Improve Your Streaming Experience and Give You More Options to Find More Content. For Example, We Add New Sections in Our Builds Based on Direct Requests from Our Customers, but We Don't Want You to Be Solely Reliant on Us For Everything You Do with Your Device and with Kodi. We Would Love For Everyone to Have 2, 3, or More of the Best Kodi Community Teams Working for You to Find the Best New Addons in Kodi, but Most Devices Only Have 8GB of Storage.

So, You Think You Want a Popular Box Sellers Setup? We Purchase Boxes from the Top 5 Box Sellers in Each Market We Compete.(We've Expanded Our Search Out to Direct Websites Searching for Anyone with Signs of Potential) We Inspect and Reverse Engineer Each Box to See If They Have Anything We Can Learn From Them and to See How Much Time and Effort the Sellers Put Into their Products. (Reach Out to Us if You Are Curious, We Have Pics)

Results from eBid.net, eBay.com, Bonanza.com, and eBluejay.com and 12 Random Sellers as of 11-11-18. 6 Box Sellers Have Passed (Approx. 45 Mins. of Work Per Box) 1 Seller Sent Us a Dead Device That We Could not Test. Leaving 25 Sellers in the Past 2.5 Years to Fail 

Here's a Summary of Their Install Process and Total Setup on Average. They Download Kodi. On Average, They Flash 72 Addons and 8 Applications. That's It. Not 1 Single Setting Was Changed on 22 of the Boxes.(An Improvement, Noone Had Any Settings Changed in August)

What Does this Mean? Most Box Sellers Charge Anywhere from $20-60 Extra for A Device they Put 20-25 Minutes of Work Into on Average. Most of these Products Are Sold As "Fully Loaded", "User Friendly.", "Plug and Play" Devices. 

How Does this Happen? It's Just Simple Math. If You  Sell 5,000 Boxes Per Year For 10 Years, You Have Tens of Thousands of Customers to Care For And You Still Have 5,000 Boxes to Install per Year, Not to Mention All the Boxes They Have to Reinstall. Most of These Sellers Only Have 2 or 3 Employees Max.

Fortunately, You Can Check This Yourself. On Amazon Fire TV Devices: Click the Home Button, Scroll Down 1x. This Row Shows all the Recently Used Apps (Click the Button with the Circle on Nvidia Devices to See the Recent List). If You Only See A Couple of Apps in this List, go to Settings> Applications> Manage Applications. See If all Your Applications Say 0MB Cache. Remember You Have a 14-30 Day Return Period on Most Products. Use Your Feedback and Your Voice to Warn Others.

How To Tell the Difference Between a Seller and an Expert? Experts Explain Everything to You in Detail Because They Know Their Product Inside Out, They Are Proud of Their Work, and the Quality of Their Products. If a Seller Writes Something Like, "Fully Loaded", "Truly Plug and Play", or "The Most User-Friendly Build". Make Sure They Explain Exactly What They Do to Make Their Product Better Than Everyone Else on the Market. Hold Everyone Accountable. The Easiest and Most Effective Way to Do This? Don't Purchase any Products That Don't Provide You with all the Facts.  

For Example, Everyone Forgets to Explain What They Do To Make Their Device Truly "Plug and Play". Why? Because It Takes Years of Experience and a Lot of Tedious Work Every Time You Install a New Device. Approximately 50% of the Time We Spend Installing Each Device is Solely Dedicated to Making Your Device Truly "Plug and Play" on Day 1. As Always, See the "No Spin Zone" At the Bottom of All Our Listings to See Exactly What We Do During Our Installation Process.

How Can a Seller Claim Your Device is Truly "Plug and Play" If They Don't Even Sign You Into Your Device? The Simple Answer is They Can't. If A Seller Does Not Sign You In, There is No Way for the Seller to Organize Your Apps to Make Sure Everything is Logical, but That Never Stops Them from Claiming It on Their Listing. We Can't Tell You How Many Start Guides We've Received That Begin Like This..."Your Device is Truly "Plug and Play", Just Input the Batteries into Your Remote Control and Simply Sign Into Your Amazon Account or Head Over to www.amazon.com/register to Register for Your Free Amazon Account, Add a Username, Etc, Etc, Etc. They Literally Did Nothing to Make the Device Any More Plug and Play than If We Bought it from a Retail Store.

Does The Seller Include Easy "Do It Yourself" Options? Experts Want to Teach You. Look for a  Daily Blog or YouTube Videos. Make Sure You Watch a Few of The Videos To Confirm It is the Seller and Check the Dates on Everything. Is it Up-To-Date? One Last Thing to Look for, Are The Videos Mostly About Things That Profit the Seller. VPN's Are A Dead Give Away with Kodi Sellers. Noone Can Resist the Easy Money of Selling IPVanish. (They Make 100% of What You Pay Up Front and 25% of What You Pay for the Life of the Account, And Streaming is Legal in the US. So It Is 100% Not Necessary to Use a VPN). If The Videos Are Nowhere to Be Found or Extremely Outdated and Are Glorified Sales Pitches, You Have Your Answer. Click on "24/7 Support" Below. We Update Our "Top 10 Lists" Daily or as Soon as We Spot Anything That Can Help You. We Do Not Include Any Affiliate Links to Products or Services that We Could Profit from on Anything and If It's Something That Takes More than 5 Clicks to Do, We Release a YouTube Video or Do It For You And Include it in the Next Freedom Build Update.

What to Look Out For? The Seller Expects You to Register and Sign Into an Amazon, Google, or YouTube Account, etc? They Don't Talk About Settings or Tuning Anything. They Don't Mention Organizing Anything or Making Anything Logical. The Seller is  Vague or Plays Dumb About Modern Technology. If They Don't Know What You Can Do With Applications, Software, and a Cloud Drive in 2018, They Are Most Likely More Motivated By Sales than Technology.

Virtually Everyone Agrees That Having More Options is Better When You Are Talking About Free Streaming. Just Do Not Run 2 Builds at 1 Time, Click "Exit" Before You Open Another Build. Some People Will Say Having 2 Kodi Build will Slow Everything Down But Kodi Does Not Run in the Background, Anyone Can Verify this with a Task Manager Application Including the One We Have on Our Devices. As Long as You Leave 1GB of Storage Space Open (Amazon will Stop You at 500MB) and Keep the Number of  Applications Running in the Background to a Minimum (Which We Do. This is Extremely Important for Firesticks) You Are Capable of Operating at Peak Performance.  


Full Disclaimer: Our Cloud Drive Does Not Include or Host Any Copyrighted Content and We Are Not Affiliated with Any Third Party Content Providers.