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How to Update and Recover Your "Day 1: Freedom" Build

 Updating or Recovering Your "Freedom" Build

**If You Are Unable to Open Freedom Build (#1 Icon), or You Get a Grey or Black Screen when You Try to Open It, Click Here to Learn How to Force Stop the App. If This Does Not Work, Please Restart Your Device. Only "Clear the Cache" as a Last Resort. Most Importantly, Please See the"2 Very Important" Tips on the Simple Start Guide or Complete Streaming Guide for Specifics About How to Do This and How to Prevent This from Happening in the Future.

 Update or Full Build Recovery? It Depends on 2 Things...

 1. If You Uninstalled Your Kodi 18 "Freedom" Application (or Clicked "Clear Data") or If You Are Still Running Kodi 17 . Please Scroll Down Until You See the Next #1 Icon like the One Above to Learn How to Do a "Full Build Recovery". 

2. If Your Freedom Build Just Looks Different Now,  Please Click Here and Begin Reading When You Find the Picture that Looks like Your Freedom Build Right Now.

If Your Freedom Build Looks the Same, You Probably Just Need a Quick Update.

1. Click the #1 Icon to Open Your Freedom 18 Build.
2. Scroll to the Left Approximately 7 Times to Get to the "LMIR" Section.
3. Click Any of the Update Options on the Bottom Row For Instructions 
    *Mixplorer Autotasks and "Quick Updates" 
    The Mixplorer is Only Available for LMIR Cloud Members Who Purchased their Device After 4/2019 and Are Paying Annually for the Cloud. Please See the Top 10 List for the Latest Update Info. If it is Something We Can Fix, We Post It for You in the "Everything We Have Found Lately to Help You" Section at the Top. 
    *Please Disregard Any Messages You Recieve in Your Kodi Builds About the Movie Databases ("TVDB Error" "TMDB Error" "Fanart Error", "Trakt Error",  etc.) This Does Not Require any Extra Effort on Your Behalf. Just See Your "1-Click" Sections or Click a Different Section in the App or Addon. For Example, Click "Popular Movies" instead of "Trending Movies" Until that Particular Database Comes Back Online. 

     Filelinked "Full Build Update"

    If Your Freedom 18 Build Looks the Same but has Major Issues that You Cannot Fix with a Quick Build Update or Skin Update, Click Here to Learn How to Do a Full Build Update. 

    Filelinked "Full Build Recovery" 

    **If You Purchased Your Device Before 4/2019 You Need to Update Your Filelinked Application Before You Get Started. Please Continue Reading ** (Everyone Else Please Skip the Next 2 Paragraphs and Begin Reading after You See "Filelinked Full Build Recovery" in Blue Below.) Please Do not Uninstall Your Current Filelinked App because This Will Sign You Out, Just Download the Latest Version to Update It.

    1. Click Your "ApkTime" App
    2. Click "Apk Seekers"
    3. Find "Filelinked" and Click "Download" to Install the Latest Version.
    4. Open Filelinked and Click the Gears Icon In the Top Right Corner to Make Sure All 4 Settings Are Turned Off. Otherwise Your Experience Will Not Match Up with the Steps We Give You Below. 
    Can't Find ApkTime? You can Download the Latest ApkTIme from the Filelinked Store. Please Continue Reading and Then Click the Video Below. We Go Over How to Find Your Apps Like Filelinked and ApkTIme at the Beginning of the Video.

      Filelinked "Full Build Recovery" 

      Please Pay Attention Because the Info Below is Very Important. In the 1st Part of the Walkthrough Video, We Go Over How to Uninstall Your Old Freedom Build.

      • If You Have Freedom 17, You Will Uninstall the "ONMC" app.
      • If You Have Freedom 18, You Will Uninstall the "Kodi 18" App
      • Whenever in Doubt, Just Look for the #1 Icon in Bronze. 
      • Please Do Not Uninstall Your Blue and White "Kodi" Application.  

      In the 2nd Part of the Video, We Go Over How to Restore Your Freedom Build. If You Accidentally Close the Window that Pops-Up after You Open Your New Kodi 18 App (At 4:30 Seconds in the Video) Just Begin Reading Here 

      1. Scroll to the Right and Click "Addons
      2. Click "Programs"
      3. Click "One Nation Portal" to Open It.
      4. Click Here to Continue the Walkthrough Video. 

      Click Here to Start the Video from the Beginning.


      When You Are Done Updating or Restoring Your Freedom Build, Click the #1 Icon and Wait 3-5 Minutes for it to Finish Installing. If You Cannot Find Your #1 Icon, Click Your "AppStarter" Application and Scroll Down to the Very Bottom. Long Press the Freedom 18 Application and Scroll Up to Drag it to the Top.

      Optimizations After the Update? This is Optional.  

      1. To Speed Up Your Build, Click "Tools" (in the Tools Section) > "Autoruns"> Click "OneNation Portal" to Turn it Off. This Also Gets Rid of the "Invalid URL" Message You See Sometimes When You Open Kodi 18. 
      2. This is Not Always The Case, but if You Need to Change the Temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit, Click "System" (in the System Section)> Click "Interface"> Regional> Regional Default Format> USA (12h)  
      3. If You Have the MixPlorer, Click Here to Learn How to Do a Quick Update to Get Rid of any Dead Links and Click the Autotask to "Optimize Freedom" (or "Optimize 4K Freedom" if You Have a Paid Real-Debrid Account) to Improve Performance

      In Freedom 18, You Just Remove the Adult Section if You Do Not Want it. Click Here if You Need Help. 

        Have Real-Debrid? Please Scroll Right 1 time to Get to the "Real-Debrid" Section. Then Just Scroll Down and Click "Pair to Real-Debrid", If You Are Starting from Scratch with a Full Build Recovery, Start at the Top. We Tell You Exactly What to Do. 

         Click Here to Fully Restore Your Build Using the ES File Explorer.