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How to Update and Recover Your "Day 1: Freedom" Build

 Updating or Recovering Your "Freedom" Build

**If You Are Unable to Open Freedom Build (#1 Icon), or Get a Grey or Black Screen when You Try to Open It, Click Here to Learn How to Force Stop Your Apps. If This Does Not Work, Please Restart Your Device. Most Importantly, Please See the"2 Very Important" Tips on the Simple Start Guide or Complete Streaming Guide for Specifics About How to Prevent This from Happening in the Future.

 Update or Full Build Recovery? It Depends on 2 Things...

1. If Your Freedom Build Looks Different, Click Here and Begin Reading When You Find the Picture that Looks like Your Freedom Build Right Now.

2. If Your Freedom Build Looks the Same, You Probably Just Need a Quick Update. Click Here

     Filelinked "Full Build Update"

    If Your Freedom 18 Build Looks the Same but has Major Issues that You Cannot Fix with a Quick Build Update or Skin Update, Click Here to Learn How to Fully Update Your Freedom Build. 

    Filelinked "Full Build Recovery" 

    If Your Build Still Looks Different or You Accidentally Uninstalled Your Kodi 18 "Freedom" Application (or Clicked "Clear Data") Click Here to Learn How to Recover Your Freedom Build. 

     Click Here to Fully Restore Your Build Using the ES File Explorer.