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11/25 Quick Update to Add More Docs and More Options for Live TV, Movies, Shows, Kids, RD, Etc.

11/17 Quick Update to Add and Replace Links for More 1-Click  Documentaries, Live TV,  Kids Movies, Shows, RD, and More.

  1. Click Your Mixplorer App
  2. Click the Menu Button on Your Remote (or if You Have a 2017 NVIDIA Shield, Click the 3-Line Menu in the Top Right Corner of Your TV Screen ) 
  3. Click "Autotasks" *
  4. Click "Freedom 18 Quick Update (Super Favs)"

11/5 Quick Update to Replace and Add New Links for Documentaries, 1-Click Movies, Shows, and More.

  1. Click Your Mixplorer App
  2. Click the Menu Button on Your Remote (or if You Have a 2017 NVIDIA Shield, Click the 3-Line Menu in the Top Right Corner of Your TV Screen ) 
  3. Click "Autotasks" *
  4. Click "Freedom 18 Quick Update (Super Favs)"

10/25 YouTube Error When Playing Music? 

  1. Click "Install Zip.." in the "Kodi Addons" Section.
  2. Click "Available Updates". 
  3. Click "YouTube" and Click the Latest Version (V6.86 as of 10-26)

10/24 Quick Update to Replace and Add New Links for Sports, Music, Documentaries, 1-Click Movies, Shows, and More. See 10/10 for More Details. Fix for Fen See 10/3 for More Details. 

10/10 Quick Update to Replace and Add New Links for Documentaries, 1-Click Movies, Shows, and More.

  1. Click Your Mixplorer App
  2. Click the Menu Button on Your Remote (or if You Have a 2017 NVIDIA Shield, Click the 3-Line Menu in the Top Right Corner of Your TV Screen ) 
  3. Click "Autotasks" *
  4. Click "Freedom 18 Quick Update (Super Favs)"

10/3 Fix for Fen (Optional or Only if Needed)

  1. Click Your Mixplorer App
  2. Click the Menu Button on Your Remote (or if You Have a 2017 NVIDIA Shield, Click the 3-Line Menu in the Top Right Corner of Your TV Screen ) 
  3. Click "Autotasks" *
  4. Click "Add Addons (Step 2...)"

9/20 Quick Update to Replace Dead Links for Documentaries, 1-Click Movies, Shows, and More.

9/6 Quick Update with Something for Everyone Including New 1-Click Documentaries, 1-Click Movies, Shows, Adult, and More

  1. Click Your Mixplorer App
  2. Click the Menu Button on Your Remote (or if You Have a 2017 NVIDIA Shield, Click the 3-Line Menu in the Top Right Corner of Your TV Screen ) 
  3. Click "Autotasks" *
  4. Click "Freedom 18 Quick Update (Super Favs)" 

9/3 Fix for Fen

  1. Click Your Mixplorer App
  2. Click the Menu Button on Your Remote (or if You Have a 2017 NVIDIA Shield, Click the 3-Line Menu in the Top Right Corner of Your TV Screen ) 
  3. Click "Autotasks" *
  4. Click "Best App Settings" or "LMIR Only: Optimize All Builds

8/27  Quick Update with Something for Everyone. This Also Pushes all the Streaming Info, Tips and Tricks to the Right to Make the Freedom Build Less Cluttered. 

8/15 Fixes Fen Again for Free Streamers. (Cont. Reading)

    7/31 Optimize Update. This Fixes Fen, Optimizes Our Top 5 Favourite Kodi Builds Right Now, Updates the Links in Your Favorites, Adds New Repositories, New Sources, Etc. (Have Real-Debrid? Please See the Notes for Step 4 Below.)  

    1. Click Your Mixplorer App
    2. Click the Menu Button on Your Remote (or if You Have a 2017 NVIDIA Shield, Click the 3-Line Menu in the Top Right Corner of Your TV Screen ) 
    3. Click "Autotasks" *
    4. Click "Best App Settings" or "LMIR Only: Optimize All Builds"  *If You Have Real-Debrid, Click "Optimize 4K Freedom" This Fixes Seren and Shadow. Just Pair Back Up to RD when It Finishes. 

    Options After the Update

    Enable New Repos with Addons that Auto Update

    1. Click Kodi 18 (the #1 Icon)
    2. Scroll to Left 4 Times and Click "Addons Market"
    3. Scroll Down Approx 8 Times and Click Step 2 (You May Have to Click this Twice)

    7/18  Quick Update with Something for Everyone.

    1. Adds New Links for 1-Click Movies, Shows, Documentaries, Live TV, Sports, Black (Movies, Shows, & Docs.) Asian (Movies & Shows,) Latino (Movies, Shows, & Live TV,)  etc.
    2. New Sections for Baseball, Safer 1-Click Cleaning, etc, Perfect for Anyone Who  Only Uses a Handful of Addons and Wants a Targeted, Safer Way to  De-Bloat or Clear Up Storage Space that Does Not Impact Your Entire Freedom Build or Your Device. More About this Below*
    3. For Premium Streamers with RD. There Are New Sections for 1-Click 4K TV Shows, 1-Click Documentaries, 1-Click Combat Sports, 1-Click Stand-Up and Adult.

    *The Next time Any of Your Favorite Addons Feels Sluggish or You Want to Free Up Storage Space to Speed Up Your Device Click Your "1-Click File Cleaners" on the "Tools" Screen, Scroll Down to the Very Bottom.and Click Where it Says to "Click Here to Clear the Cache for Your Addons". The Next Time You Open the Addon, it will Be Slower Because it has to Download Thumbnails, Plot Summaries, Etc, but You Will Start to Break Even and Speed Up After Approx. 4 or 5 Searches

    7-9 Fix for the "Trakt" Login Message. If You Do Not Have a Trakt Account and Do Not Want to Sign Up, Please See the Notes from the 7th Below to "Optimize" Your Kodi Build and Get All the Latest Settings We Recommend from the Cloud or You Can... 

    1. Exit Kodi and Open Kodi Again
    2. Scroll to Left 4 Times and Click "Kodi Addons"
    3. Find "OpenMeta" on the RIght-Hand Side and Longpress it.
    4. Click "Settings"> Clear Trakt Settings.

    7/7 Optimize Update

    1. Click Your Mixplorer App
    2. Click the Menu Button on Your Remote (or if You Have a 2017 NVIDIA Shield, Click the 3-Line Menu in the Top Right Corner of Your TV Screen ) 
    3. Click "Autotasks" *
    4. Click "Optimize Freedom" (or if You Have a Real-Debrid Account, Click "Optimize 4K Freedom")

    6/28 Quick Update for International, Documentaries, and More

    1. Adds Links for Several New Top Apps and Addons for International, Movies and Shows, Sports, Kids Apps, etc.
    2. Cleans Up Several Sections. (International, Documentaries, 1-Click Movies, Movie Apps, App Markets, and Many More.)

    If You Are Unable to Get any of the New Addons,

    1. Click the Autotask to "Add New Addons" at the Bottom of the List in the Mixplorer Cloud.
    2. Click Kodi 18.4
    3. Click  "Addons Market" in the "Kodi Addons" Section.
    4. Click Step 2 to Add New Repositories. 

    6/20 Debloat Tool for Fire TV Cubes and 4K Fire Sticks Only. This App Allows You To Delete or Disable More Apps that Are Running in the Background Increasing Performance by Approx 20-25%.

    How to Download and Install the Debloat App:

    1. Click the "Top 10" App on Your Fire TV Device
    2. Click "CrossKr Browser" to Open This Website on Your FTV Device. 
    3. Click Here>  Debloat Tool  to Download and Install the "Debloat" App to Your Fire TV Device. 
    4. Click Here> Debloat Video on Your Phone or Computer for Instructions to Debloat Your Fire TV Cube or 4K Firestick.

    6/10 Quick Update and New Optimize Update (See Notes from 5-23 if You Need More Info)

    1. New Documentary and Adult Addons
    2. New Tips and Tricks to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Device.
    3. New Links to Add More Live TV, Sports, etc.  
    4. As of 6/13 This Removes Dead Links from Theater Plus, Ghost, and More and Fixes Dead Links from Odin, The Crew, Bee TV, and More.

    5/23 Quick Update 

    1. Removes Links for Several Underperforming Apps and 1 Dead Addon
    2. Adds 1 New Addon for Movies and Shows,  1 New Racing Addon, and 1 New Adult Addon.
    3. Fixes Dead Links for Sofa TV, Redbox TV, and LiveNet*
    4. Cleans Up Several Sections. (Baseball, Basketball, 1-Click Movies,  Movie Apps, App Markets, and Many More.)
    5. Adds New Links for Womens Movies, Movie Collections, War Documentaries, Biographies, Sci-Fi, etc.
    6. Pushes the Best Options to the Top to Make Everything Easier to Find.

    *You Can Also Download the Brand-New LiveNet App from the Requests Folder . 1st Time Updating? Click Here> "Quick Update". and Click the Next Blue Link in Here for a More In-Depth Video Walkthrough.

    As of 6pm CST

    • There is a Fixed Version of Cyberflix in the Request Folder for Everyone who Was Asking About Cyberflix. 
    • There is a New Update to Optimize All the Settings for Our Top 5 Favorite Kodi Builds. This Update Removes Most of the Garbage Streams that Are Either Dead or Unreliable. It Also Includes Some Tweaks (Stopping the Movie with 1 Click Instead of Pushing It to the Background, Pulling Up Your "Favorites" with 1 Click, and a Few Minor Performance Improvements.).
    • Just click the Autotask for "Best App Settings" or "LMIR Only: Optimize All Builds" or Continue Reading. 
    1. Click Your Blue Mixplorer Cloud Drive
    2. Click "Autotasks" in the Top Right Corner
    3. Click "Best App Settings" or "LMIR Only: Optimize All Builds" Towards the Bottom of the List

      *This May Force Close the First Time You Click It. If so, Just Click It Again and Wait 3-5 Mins this Time. This Also Includes the Best Settings for Our Favorite Apps Outside of Kodi if You Are Interested. We Really Recommend Cinema Right Now

      1. Click  Cinema, Typhoon, Cyberflix, and/ or CatMouse,
      2. Click the Top Left Corner and Click "Settings,
      3. Click "Restore Settings" (It's At the Very Bottom in Cinema and Over Half-Way Down in Cyberflix, CatMouse, and Typhoon.)   

      5/10 Quick Update to Rearrange All the Apps and Addons Based on the Most Recent Performance. Removes 1 Dead Addon. Adds 1 New Premium IPTV Service Provider. You Can Also Download the Latest "AM Player" from the Requests Folder If you Are Having any Issues With Your Movie HD App (Click "Quick Update" and Click the Video if You Need More Info). 

      New Optimization Update to add New Free Streams from the Scraper/ Resolver Updates. This is The Same Process as a Quick Update but Instead of Clicking "Freedom Quick Update", Click "Optimize Freedom" towards the Bottom of the List. This Update is 100% Not Necessary if You Have Real-Debrid. 

      4/22 Very Small Quick Update Mainly Focused on Live TV.

      1. Adds 2 New Live TV Addons
      2. Removes 2 Dead Addons.
      3. Adds New Tips for Live TV Apps. 
      4. Pushes the Best Options to the Top to Make Everything Easier to Find.

      While You Are Updating, Install the New "Fast Task Killer" App. This is the Quickest Way to Force Close a Frozen App. Instead of Going through a 5 Step Process to Force Close a Single App, You Can Just Click Your "Fast Task Killer" App to Force Close Everything. How to Get it? Click the Requests Folder (#7) in the LMIR "Mixplorer" Cloud> Click "Utilities..."> Click "Fast Task Killer" to Install It.

      4/14 Fix for Fen Addon in Kodi and Freedom (As of 4/18 this Now Removes Dead Streams, Updates Your Favourites, Sources, and More in All 5 of Our Favorite Kodi Builds and Nearly Every Kodi App/ Addon.) Please Only Use this Tool When We Post It on Here. The First Time You Click the Autotask Below MixPlorer May Force Close. If So, Just Click Your MixPlorer to Open It Again, Click the Steps Below, and Wait 3-5 Mins This Time.

      1. Click Your Mixplorer App
      2. Click Your Menu Button on the Fire TV (or Click the 3-Line Menu in the Top Right Corner if You Have an NVIDIA Shield) 
      3. Click "Autotasks" *
      4. Click "Best App Settings" or "LMIR Only: Optimize All Builds" This May Take 5 Mins. 

      4/13  Fen is Coming Up with No Sources Available After the Most Recent Update. We're Sure the Developer is Aware of the Issue and There Should Be a New Auto Update that Rolls Out Soon. If Not, We Will Upload a Fix.

      4/10 (No Longer Necessary. See 4/14) New Optimization Update (Cont. Reading Below).

      • Disables Low Quality and Non-Working Stream Providers 
      • Enables More Reliable, Higher Quality Streams. 
      • Fixes and Speeds Up Autoplay and Binge-Mode for Fen and Venom.
      • You May Need to Click Some TV Shows 2 Times or Pause/Unpause the Show

      4/1 New Optimization Update to add New Free Streams from the Scraper/ Resolver Updates Yesterday. This is The Same Process as  a Quick Update but Instead of Clicking "Freedom Quick Update", Click "Optimize Freedom" at the Bottom of the List. This Update is 100% Not Necessary if You Have Real-Debrid.

      If You Don't Have the Cloud or You Feel Like Learning How to Enable or Disable Streams in Your Freedom Build . You Can Knock Out the Most Important Part of the Optimization Updates in a Minute or So

      1. Scroll Left to Get to the "Kodi Addons" Section of the Freedom Build (to the Left of "Favourites)
      2. Click "Kodi Streams" on the Bottom Row.
      3. Click "Open Scrapers"
      4. Scroll Down to "Hosters" Then Scroll Right and Make Sure "PutlockerOnl", "SeeHD", and "WatchEpisodes" are Enabled. If Not, click Them To Turn Them On. (See  Pic Below.). As of 4-16 Turn Off "CMovies", "iWaatch", and "Watch32" 
      5. Scroll to the RIght and Click "OK" to Save it.

      3-27 New Quick Update Digital Care Package to Add:

      • More Free 1-Click Movies and TV Shows! 3 New Free Sources Alone Add Approx 4,000 New HD Movies and 10,000+ TV Show Episodes to Catch Up on All Your Favorites and Binge Watch Everything New and These Sources Update Daily, if Not Hourly. Heads Up: *To Reduce the Load Time, these Sources Do Not Include Fanart, Plot Summaries, etc. (You Can Just Go to on Your Phone or Computer for Ratings or Use Any of Your Other Apps to Pull up the Movie/TV Show Ratings) and It may Take 2-3 mins to Load Up the First Time You Click Them on 1st Gen Fire TV Stick & Cubes.
      • New Fixes for Bad Links from Exousia, Limitless, AliveHD, Tempest, etc 
      • As of 3-28. Also Click the Autotask to "Optimize Freedom and Freedom Lite" or " Optimize the 4k Freedom Build" if You Have a Paid Real-Debrid Account.
      • Tweeks to Remove Dead Streams.
      • Sign Into the New YouTube and AliveHD (Beta Mode) in Kodi
      • Improvements for Autoplay esp. If You Missed the Last "Optimize" Update
      • A Major Tidy Up of the Build with More Current Tips, Tricks, and Info.

      *RD Users: If You Backup Your Real-Debrid Info (Click "Pair to Real-Debrid"  and Click "Backup Your Real-Debrid Info") Before You Optimize Your 4K Freedom Build.  You Can Simply Click "Restore Your Real-Debrid Info"  It to Pair Back Up to Your RD Account and Seren in 1-Click.

      3/16 The Developer for the Fen Addon is Calling for Everyone to Clear the Cache in Fen After the Latest Update. First Time Clearing the Cache in a Kodi Addon? Simply Find Fen Anywhere in the Freedom Build and follow the Instructions in the Video Below. or if You Prefer the Specific Path In Fen Right Now

      1. Just Click Anything that Says "Fen" in the Freedom Build. 
      2. Scroll up to the Very Top and Click the 2 Dot ".." Menu to Go to the Main Menu Inside Fen.
      3. Click "Tools" at the Bottom of the List
      4. Click "Clear Databases..." and Click "Clear All Cache"

      2-26 YouTube Appears to Be Fixed. A Regular Addon Update Rolled Out Today. If not, Try the Fix Below to "Optimize the Freedom Build" If You Still Have Issues with YouTube and You Have the LMIR MixPlorer Cloud. 

      2-19 New Quick Update to Add More 1-Click 4K For the 4K Freedom Build. More HD Live TV, Sports, Adult, 1-Click Movies, TV Shows, and Kids Movies & Shows. This includes a General Tidy Up of the Build and More Current Tips, Tricks, and Info.  As of 2-20. Also Click the Autotask to Optimize Your Build if You Have the Mixplorer. Real-Debrid Users Will Need to Pair Back Up to Your Real-Debrid Account, but This Includes Major Improvements to Get Rid of Dead Links and Improve Autoplay for Everyone. Just Click the Option to Restore Your Real-Debrid Info if You Clicked to Save it.

      2-22 Update: The Fix Below is no longer available.  You can Click the Blue Youtube App Icon on Your Device to Pull Up Our Youtube Videos. and This Fix will Be Included in the Next Full Build Updates We Release.

      2-18 The Easiest Way to Add the New Codes Required  for YouTube in Kodi.  These Will Be Included in the Next Full Build Update so You Can Just Wait or You Can Click the Video Below. This Would Be a 2 Hour Project, but Thanks to Diggz it's just 2 Mins. That Kid is a Genius.

      1. Click "Install Zip/ Repo" in the "Kodi Addons" Section of the Freedom Build. 
      2. Click "Install from Repository"
      3. Click "Diggz Repository"
      4. Click "Program Addons" 
      5. Click "YouTube Fix"
      6. Click to "Install" and Then "Open" the YouTube Fix. (You WIll See a Notification that the Patch or Fix Has Been Applied When You Completed) 

      2-12 See the New "Movies Time" app with 1 Click Movies, Shows, and More in the Requests Folder and Morphix is back online too

      1-28 New Quick Update for All "Day 1: Freedom" and "4K Freedom" Builds. This Removes Links from Cyberflix VIP and More, Fixes Dead Links from Morphix (Get the Latest Version from the "Requests" Folder in the Cloud, See the Post from 1-9 if This is Your 1st Time.) and Adds New, More Reliable 1-Click Links from Fen, Venom, Alive HD, etc for 1-Click Movies, TV Shows, Concerts, Kids Movies, and More As of 2-2, This Fixes Dead links from CGoto and Deathstar, Adds New 1-Click 4K, TV Catchup, and Search Options for the 4K Build, and Adds the Exousia App back into the Freedom build and More Options for 1-Click Movies, TV Shows, Sports, and Live TV. (See the Requests Folder when You Update to Install the Exousia App.) They Added New Google Links, the Most Reliable Free Streams for 1-Click Movies and TV Shows Last Night. Just Make Sure You Wait 1 Min. For this All-In One App to Load. Click any Movie/ Show and Click "ServerHD". You Can Try the Other Options if You Want Higher Quality Streams, but these Are the Most Reliable. .

      As of 1-20 We Recommend Uninstalling Cyberflix VIP (Not Cyberflix TV, just the VIP Version.) if You Have it. Apparently You Have to Pay to Remove the Ads Now. Just See Your "CatMouse" App. It is 100% Ad-Free and 100% Free or Turn on Your Ad-Blocker and Use Cyberflix TV.

      As of 1-13 You No longer Need to Sign Into Morphix, You Just Need to Download the Latest Version. V1.14 or Above. See the Path to Get to the Mixplorer Request Folder Below. We Are Leaving the ES File Explorer down for the Month Because We have Had to Fix it 2 times This Month and We Refuse to Continue Doing This, We Are Hoping that the Person Who Did This Will Get the Message That this is Not Their Personal Cloud Drive and Stop Deleting Community Files and Stop Uploading Their Personal Files.

      As of 1-9 Skip this. It is No Longer Necessary....See the Login Info You Need to Sign Into Morphix Below.If You Uninstalled Morphix, It's In the Requests Folder (See the Path Below) Just Remember to Click "Save Login" and Make Sure It Is Checkmarked Before You click Login or it Will Make You Enter This info Again the Next Time You Click Morphix.

      Username =  tmdb 

      Password =  morphix 

      The New Viva App is Prompting You to Install the "TPlayer". You can click "Cancel" and Skip it, Click "Install" to  Install the Official Version of Tplayer, or Get the Latest Ad-free Version from the Requests Folder.(Click Lmir Cloud > "ES" or Click "Mix">  Requests (#7)  > It's #6 on the list in the Movies Apps. Also, See the New Morfix app. 

      Also, Click the Folder at the Top of Movies in the Requests Folder if You Have a Gmail Account and a Fire TV Device.You can now Use Movies HD, One of the Most Consistent Apps for Movies and Shows on the NVIDIA Shield Over the Past 3 Years, on the Fire TV Now. You Just go to the Website in the Doc to Get Your 1-Time Activation Code and Verify with Your Gmail. Click this Document In there for More Info..

      As of 1-4 This Quick Update is the Biggest Quick Update to Date for the Freedom Build and It is Good to Go for Everyone with the Mixplorer. As of 1-7 This Fixes Dead Links for The Crew and Limitless in Real-Debrid 1-Click 4K Movies and 1-Click Kids Movies and Adds More 1-Click from Popcornflix, Mercury and More.

      Everything in the Sections for Free Movies, TV Shows, and the 1-Click Movies/ Shows Should Be Fixed and the Best Options Should be at the Top. This Adds the New "1-Click Everything" Section that includes 1-Click Movies, 1-Click Shows, 1-Click Sports, Live TV, Kids, Concerts, Docs, etc.and We Made it Into a Custom Widget You Can Get to Quickly. You Just Scroll Up and Click It at the Top of Your Movies Section. (See the steps below for Our 1st Ever Update Using the "Skin Recovery in the LMIR Mixplorer Cloud. (Everyone who Does  Have Paid Real-Debrid Service. Cont. Reading.  Everyone Without Real-Debrid Service will be Able to do this Starting Monday.) 

      The New 1-Click Everything Time-Saving Widget. Just Scroll Up in Your Movies Section. (As of 1-8 You Also get the 1-Click Widgets for Redemption Movies that Also Work for Free Movies at the top of the "Real-Debrid" Home Page and the Improved Layout Below in All of Your Sections/Home Pages) If You Are Interested Please Do the Steps Below Before Monday.)

      Replace the Movies at the Top with a Custom Widget that Has Shortcuts to 1-Click Everything (1-Click Movies, Shows, Sports, Live TV, Kids, Real-Debrid, Concerts, + Docs. This Skin Update Is Only for Freedom Build (Not Real-Debrid Subscribers) .

      1. Exit Out of Your Freedom Build by clicking "Exit"
      2. Click Your Mixplorer Quick Auto Kodi Updates
      3. Click Your Menu Button on the Fire TV (or Click the 3-Line Menu in the Top Right Corner if You Have an NVIDIA Shield) 
      4. Click "Autotasks" *
      5. Click "Freedom Build Quick Update" (Wait 2-3 Mins)
      6. Click "Autotasks" 1 More Time.
      7. Click "Beta... Freedom Skin Recovery Step 2" (Wait 1-Minute) 

      12-31 Try Out Your Mediabox App Today and If You Have any Issues Grab the Latest Ad-Free Version from the Requests folder in the Cloud or your Apktime App Market. Basically This is Only Affecting the Official Version so There is Only a 20% Chance This is Going to Apply to You and the Easiest Way to Find Out is to Test Your App. (First Time Updating or Swapping Out Apps? Click the * at the Bottom of Any of Your App Sections. For Example click "Movie Apps" in the Freedom Build, Scroll Down to the Very Bottom and Click the * or Click "App Markets" and Read Your Screen. We Recommend Uninstalling Mediabox When It Prompts You to Uninstall It in ApkTime because the New Version is a Special Edition (Ad-Free/ Light) or See the Notes for the Easy Uninstaller Before You Head to the Requests Folder. New NVIDIA Customers. You Have 2 Mediabox Apps.Only Uninstall Mediabox MediaboxHD 1.0 is a Shortcut so You Can Access It Directly From Your Home Screen, Not a Big Deal. See the Requests folder if You Delete it. 

      12-30 When You are Using the DVR Section or When You Click Directly on the word "Movies" or "TV Shows", Please Do Not Click the Following Options... Fractured, Limitless, Phoenix Rises, and Temptv. 3 of These Players Actually Work Very Well but as of the Latest ResolveURL Update there is a Chance That They Can Get Caught Running in the Background so Please Just Avoid Them. If You Forget and This Happens to You, No Worries, Simply Exit Out of Your Build and Start it Up Again. These Will Either Be Rewritten or Removed in the Next Full Build Update.

      or If You Have Little Ones or If You Just Want to Remove These Players Right Now, Click..

      1. "Kodi Sources" (In the "Kodi Addons" Section)
      2. Click "DVR Quick Fix" (approx 10 Down from the top.)
      3. Click "Players"
      4. Then Longpress the players mentioned above by holding down the select button. For example Fractured will be "direct.fractured" Limitless will be "direct.limitless". etc.> and Click "Delete".

      As always, We Recommend the "1-Click Movies"  and "1-Click TV Show" Sections We Have Gathered Up for Everyone Who is just Getting Started or Anyone Looking for the Most Reliable Free Streams Right Now. 

      12-23 New Quick Update for All "Day 1: Freedom" and "4K Freedom" Builds. This Removes Dead Links from Fractured and adds New 1-Click Links from Redemption, CGoto, etc for More Reliable 1-Click Movies, Documentaries, Kids Movies, Sports, etc. For Christmas Movies Click Movie Genres> Movie Collections. As of 12-24 Retribution 1-Click only works for Paid Real-Debrid Subscribers. Just Click "1-Click Movies" and Find Another App or Addon That Works for You. There are Over 20 in There for You to Choose. (Also, Skip "Magic Dragon". It needs an update, but we will leave it in for a week because some of the movies still work.) 

      12/12 Anyone with a paid real-debrid account and the mixplorer cloud who wants to revive their Seren addon after they get the Message from the Developer saying it needs to be "rebuilt", can try this or just wait until your next full build update.

      Please only attempt this within the next 48 hours so We can guarantee the files you need are up-to-date. 

      1. Click Real-Debrid Addons in the Real-Debrid Section.
      2. Click Seren> Click Tools> Click "Wipe Addon Data"
      3. Exit out of Your Freedom Build and Click the Mixplorer App. 
      4. Click the Top Right Corner, Click "Autotasks"
      5. Click "Optimize the 4K Freedom Build" or Something Similar.
      6. You will need to pair back up with Seren in the Real-Debrid Section the next time You open your freedom build, but Let us know if it works or not for you.

        12/8 See the new Sports Apps in the Request Folder.

        12/6 New Quick Update for All "Day 1: Freedom" and "4K Freedom" Builds This Adds More

        • 1-Click Movies and 1-Click TV Shows
        • Click "Movie Genres", "Movie Collections" or "1-Click Kids" for New Holiday Movies.
        • 2 new Live News Apps, 2 new Sections filled with 1-Click Options for Conservatives and Democrats.
        • New Links for the best live tv addon available, USTV/ the TV Guide and the Section for "Live TV Channels".
        • Adds a 2nd Channel Search option from CCloud.
        • Adds New Biographies, Documentaries and 1-Click Classics.
        • New Basketball and MMA Streams and all the Best Tips to Help You Get the Most out of All of the Above.
        • As of 12/7 this Now Adds More 1-Click 4K for everyone using the 4K Freedom Build. 
        • As of 12/8 this Adds 3 New App Markets and Includes a Total Revamp for the App Market Section to Make it More User-Friendly, (like the Movie and TV Show App Sections) and Adds the New "Viva" Movie App and New Sports App (Click these in the Request folder while you wait on the quick update to roll through. We really them all, even though the developers are just getting started.). 
        • As of 12/9 this Fixes the Links for the new Morphix App and Viva.
        • As of 12/14 this Removes Retribution or Puts It at the Bottom of the List and Labels it "Offline" so you Know to Skip It.
        • Adds More 1-Click Movies, Classic Movies, and Black and White.

        As of 12-6 This is Resolved for All Addons Affected Previously. Please do a Quick Update if Possible... Known Issue and Quick Fixes:  TVDB, One of the Databases for Movie and TV Show Info, Fanart, Plot Lines, etc, is Doing Maintenance Right Now. Each Time TVDB Releases an Update in Kodi, All the Addons Have to Release Updates to Sync Their New TV Shows Sections Back Up with TVDB. Quick Fixes: We Highly Recommend All the 1-Click TV Show Apps Addons in Your Freedom Build and Kodi. Also, Just Click New TV Shows from Fen, The Crews, Venom, Greased Lightning, and More in Freedom or Click the All-New Marauder and Joker 2.0, or Numbers, Exodus Redux Etc, in Kodi. These No Longer Rely on TVDB. Have RD?  Gaia, Seren, Destiny, Vision of Destiny Plus All of the Above and More are Working Flawlessly as of 11/26. Like the Original Exodus Addon?  See the New Fix for Exodus in the Post from 11/26 Below. This Updates and Fixes Every Section in Exodus, Not Just New TV Show. Last but Not Least, See the 2 Min Video in the Post from 11/21 to Switch Your DVR From TVDB to TMDB if You Experience any Issues Adding or Playing Shows in Your DVR Section or Just Click the All-New  "Binge-Mode". Thank You!

        12/2 Anyone Missing Morph TV or Black Panther? Please See the New Morphix TV App in ApkTime Entertainment Section for 1-Click Movies. 

        11/27 Please Uninstall the Black Panther, and If you Haven't Done so Already, the Morph TV Application. We Are Waiting on Updates from the Developers to Fix or Add New  Streams, but for Now At Least It's Adios. Grab the Latest Version of Freeflix HQ Pro from the Requests folder or the ApkTime App Market. This is an All-In-One App with Movies, Shows, Live TV, and Everything is Working Very Well as of Today. 

        11/26 Here is the Fix for Exodus 

        1. Click Your 1 Icon and Scroll to the Left Approx 4 Times to Get to the "Kodi Addons" Section.
        2. Click "Install Zip/ Repo"
        3. "Install Zip"
        4. Scroll Down approx 10 Times and Click "LazyKodi"
        5. Click "Zips" and Click "Kodi Bai" to Install the Kodi Bai Repo.

        11/ 25 8:30 CST. We Have Uploaded New Favorites and Sources to Replace Gears TV, One Nation, and More for All Your Kodi Builds. Just Open Mixplorer and Click the Autotasks that Say "Favourites and Sources" for All Your Kodi Builds if You Are Interested (Cont. Reading Below if You have Never Done a Quick Update Using Your Mixplorer Cloud Drive).

        11/24 Version 39 of the Freedom Build is 30% Lighter and 20% Faster because You Decide Which Addons Are Installed or Not. Just Go to the Sections You Use the Most and Click the Addons You Want. Want an Even Faster Build? See the Quick Tips in the Favorites to Turn off the Intro Video and Animated Wallpapers.

        This Update is Only Required if You Have Had Your Build for 3 Months or More. We Have Had a Huge Increase in the Number of Full Build Updates and Questions Surrounding Full Build Updates Recently. This is Usually a Good Thing Because It Means We Are Getting You the Latest and Greatest, but Recently It Has Been Due to Known Issues, like the TV Database That Went Down for Maintenance Last Sunday. FIxes for Issues like That Come Through Automatically When the Developers Decide Everything is Ready to Come Back Online. 

        Things Change Quickly in the Streaming World, so We Try Our Best to Post All of the Most Important Information Here on the Top 10 List to Save You Time. Make Sure You Visit This Site Before You Update and See Your "LMIR" Section in Your Freedom Build or the Support Page for the Latest Walkthrough Videos and Tips. Please Feel Free to Click the Top 10 Icon in the Freedom Build or the Top 10 App on Your Device for Your Convenience. We Just Feel Bad When We Hear Someone Has Updated Based on Anything Other than the Most Current Information. 

        90% of the Updates We Release Are "Quick Updates" to Save You Time and Energy and We Recommend These Whenever You See Something You Like On Here. Quick Updates Are a Much More Holistic Approach to Updates Because They Are Designed to Not Only Get You the Latest New Links to Get New Addons, but the Latest Apps, and Most Importantly, the Latest Info You Need to Improve Your Overall Streaming Experience. Just Click the Request Folder While You Wait for the Update to Process. This is a Part of Our Mission to Continue Innovating New Ways to Save You Time and Money. Thank You!

        11/22 New Quick Update for All "Day 1: Freedom" and "4K Freedom" Builds. This Removes Dead Links from Gears TV, Deceit, I am Ego, Solex, and More. See the New Premium Providers We Recommend by Clicking "Premium Solutions" in the Sports and Live TV Sections. As of 11/23, This Replaces or Fixes all Broken Links in "Movies/ Shows for Women", "Documentary Shows & Films", "TV Networks", Real Debrid Shows, RD Movies, RD 1-Click 4K and More. As of 2pm CST. This Adds More 1-Click Options, but Depending on Which Version of Freedom You Are Currently on, You May Not Be Able to Add the New Falcon, Fractured, and Atreide Addon.These Are Just Plan C or D Options. See the Apps and Addons Above Them for the Best Results. 

        11/21 As Always, We Recommend the 1-Click Apps and 1-Click Sections in the Freedom Build for the Most Simple and Reliable Performance, but Everything is Fixed. You Can Add and Play Your DVR Shows with All Your Kodi Addons. If Not, Restart Your Freedom Build and Wait 1 Min for the Updates or Click "Install ..." in the "Kodi Addons" Section, Then Scroll to the Left and Click "Check Updates" to Push Through the OpenMeta Update. Click the Quick 2 Minute Video Below About How to Switch from TVDB to The Movie Database if You Experience Any Issues Adding Shows.

        See the New Tips in the DVR Tips Section if You Want to Learn How to Turn on/off Autoplay for Binge Mode or Select the Link if Autoplay Fails. Or You Can Simply Scroll to the Right and Click "TV Show Apps" to Play Your Shows Using Your Apps. Thanks! 

        11/17 TV Shows Now Work for Greased Lightning, Scrubs, Numbers, Atreides, Fen, The Crew, Venom, Seren, & Gaia. (So We Are Just Waiting on Updates  from Exodus and It. )

        11/15 New Quick Update for All "Day 1: Freedom" and "4K Freedom" Builds. Adds New Links for the Black Panther App, FreeFlix HD, New HD Football and Adds Solex Back... (Now Back Offline? We Will Keep It in the Build For 1 Week to Give the Devs Time to Make Up Their Mind.)

        11/14 Check out the Latest Version of the Black Panther in the Requests Folder. Very Similar to Morpheus TV, with voice search and 1-click autoplay. If This is Your First time Swapping Out Apps, Click "Movie Apps" in Your Freedom Build and Click the * at the Very Bottom to Learn How to Use the Easy Uninstaller in the Build. 

        11/13 You may get a couple of errors in the new update for xenon (the blue and white kodi build) on the original fire tv stick. No worries, click "check errors", these are for the "artwork". Everything is good to go and looks beautiful. Also, All of the “HD sports apps” in the freedom build are now prompting you to update to the new All-in-one sports app. Please see the post from 11/10 below to get the new all-in-one and more.

        If one of your apps for NFL, NCAA, NHL apps is working, besides the new all in one sports app and NBA, please reach out to us. We have some customers we would like to help who have developed an affinity for them. As always we recommend the online streaming apps and right now we recommend the kodi addons for a much more simple way to stream sports. The kodi addons in the us sports section are just 1-click. Thanks 

        11/12 Any NVIDIA Streamers with Silk Browser Issues after the Latest NVIDIA Update? We found a New Version that has Worked on Everything for Us. You Must Uninstall Your Previous Version of Silk Browser First.  Then Click Your LMIR Cloud of Choice,  Requests Folder (#7).  Click to Install and Open "NVIDIA Silk Browser". 


        We Are Also Rolling Out Something New Tonight. Please Read the Entire Post for Today Before Attempting This....  If You Have Not Updated Your Build In a While and Are Having Issues With Certain Addons (Not Including Addons that Have Been Abandoned, Will Not Install, or Have Not Received Any Updates in a while, like Exodus, It, and Deceit. It Has To Be Able to Install, Open, and Receive Updates.)

        1. Click Your Mixplorer Cloud.
        2. Click the Menu in the top Right Corner and Click "Autotasks",
        3. Click "Optimize 4K Freedom Build" if You Have Paid Real-Debrid Service Everyone Else Who Does Not Have a RD Account, Click "Optimize Freedom or Freedom Lite"

        It's the Same Steps You Do for a Quick Update, but instead of Clicking "4K Freedom 18 Quick Update". Scroll Down and Click, "Optimize 4K Freedom" if You Have Rd or Want to Switch Over and Try It Out. Or Click "Optimize Freedom or Freedom Lite" 

        It's Going to Take Only 30 Seconds and May Only Transfer 100 Files, but 2 are the Settings Files that Turn on/ Off 95% of The Streams You Get in Your Freedom Build and Others Are the Settings files for Entire Addons, like Gaia. Everything from the Way it Looks, to Whether it Autoplays TV Shows,  or Creates a Backup File Each Night. This May Even Fix Some of the Dead Links in the "Latest HD" Section, but Please do Not Do This if That is Your Only Issue. Just Scroll Down and Click Another Option. IF You Have Real-Debrid, You Will Need to Pair Back Up with Gaia and Click "Restore Real-Debrid Info" in the "Pair to Real-Debrid"   

        The Only Thing We Ask, Is That You Tell Us if It Helped or Not, and If Not, Please Be Specific About the Name of the Addon, The Type of Issue, Etc, so We Can Try to Learn and Improve the Process. Please Only Use these New "Beta" Autotasks on the Day or the Day After We Mention Them. This Way We Can Make Sure Everything is Freshly Loaded with the Best Possible Settings for Right Now, Not Last Month, Not Last Week. Right Now.

        As of 11/9, Quick Update to Fix Links for Redbox (Click the Requests Folder in the Mixplorer Cloud to Download the New Version 1.4 When You Do Your Next Quick Update. Unfortunately, the Update Inside the App Did Not Work When We Clicked "Update" and When We Clicked "Download" so we Grabbed It For You..). As of 11/10 Also, See the New All-In One HD Sports App and the New Version of Mediabox in the Requests folder. You May Have to Uninstall the Previous Version First.  Click the * at the Very Bottom of Your Movie Apps Section if this is Your First Time Swapping Out Apps. Warning: Mediabox is a Very Large Application. 

        11/6 and 11/8  New Quick Update Available. We Updated the Tips and Info so Everything is Current and Added Quick Tips for Subtitles/ Closed Captioning, Pulled Dead Links in Hockey, BBall, Movie Genres, and Others,  Added  More 1-Click Kids (1 of the Addons is Not Installing Right Now But You Can Find It in Your Kodi Build) Doc's, Live TV, and Re-sorted all the Addons to Make Sure the Best Options Are at the Top After the Recent Updates for Scrubs, Greased Lightning, Venom and More, (Hopefully this will be everything until Sunday) If Your Deathstar Addon is Not Working, Click "Kodi Addons" in the "Kodi Addons" Section. Find Your Deathstar Video Addon and Hold Down Your Select Button to Pull Up the Menu. Click "Auto Update" to Turn it Off, Click "Update" and Click Version 5.9.  Version 6 is Not Working. 

        11/1 For this Weekend We Are Recommending the 1-Click Movie and TV Show Apps and Addons in the Freedom Build. This is Pretty Much Always the Case, but It is Especially True this Weekend Because 2 Free Stream Providers for Kodi, Openload and Streamango, were Taken Down Yesterday. While We Always Removed Streams from These Providers Before, We Are Expecting Their Absence Will Place Too Much Demand on the Other Kodi Stream Providers that We Do Recommend. As Always, Please Disregard This Message if You Have Real-Debrid and If You Have the Cloud Please Do a Quick Update for the Most Current List of Options We Recommend Today.

        10/31 New Quick Update for All "Day 1: Freedom" and "4K Freedom" Builds. Adds New 1-Click Options for Movies, TV Shows, Basketball, Hockey, and More. General Cleanup for Bad Links and Re-Sorting to Make Sure the Best Options are At the Top of Each List. As of 11/1 this Removes Dead Links from Loki. As of 11/4 We Have Officially Taken All the Information from the Top 10 List, Condensed It, and Placed it Directly into the Sections You Need It in Your Freedom Build. Please Explore Your Build and Enjoy. 

        10/20 New Quick Update for All "Day 1: Freedom" and "4K Freedom" Builds. This Update Replaces Dead Links in the Sections for Kids, Classics, Sci-Fi, For Women, Documentaries, 1-Click 4K, Real-Debrid Movies/Shows, Etc. 

        10/14 New Quick Update for All "Day 1: Freedom" and "4K Freedom" Builds.

        • Fixes Dead Links From Scrubs, The Crew, Etc.
        • Adds 3 Much More Simple, 1-Click Addons for Streaming Fights, Football, and More.
        • Adds a Brand-New Section for Soccer Fans with Live Soccer Streams and Soccer Replays.
        • Adds 3 Brand-New Live TV/ Sports Apps into the Live TV Apps and Sports Apps Sections for Higher Quality Free Live TV (Click Your LMIR Cloud Drive of Choice (MixPlorer or Es File Explorer) > Click "Requests" (#7), and Click Any App You Want to Test Out.) 
        • Adds the Best "New"  Paid Live TV Provider, but Do Not Just Take Our Word For it, See It For Yourself. For $1 You Can Test it Our for 24 Hours . They have Actually Been Around for Years and We Are Adding Them Because they Were the 1st Paid Provider to Get All Their Channels Operational After the IPTV Issues Last Month. (Click "Premium Solutions" in Your Live TV or Sports Section for More Details. We Also Go Over Which Apps Are Working for Playersklub Subscribers and Which Apps You Need to Stay Away From.(They Were the 2nd Provider that was Fully Operational, So That is Not Bad.)   

        10/13 This is Just a "Heads Up",...the Developer for the "Scrubs" Addon, Performed a Major Overhaul "Clearing Out Unnecessary Coding". It Appears to Have Only Affected Approx. 25% of the Links to Scrubs in the Build but We Do Apologize for the Way That this Looks. Especially to Anyone Who  Just Received Their Device or Anyone Who Just Updated From Kodi 17 to Kodi 18. Update: As of 4am CST, We Have Fixed Over Half the Links and We Promise to Have a Quick Update Uploaded to the Cloud For You before the End of the Day. .

        10/8 Check out the Best Brand-New Live TV App, "HDTV Ultimate". We Are Fairly Sure This will Become a Paid App Once Everyone Else Finds Out About It so Get it While You Can and Enjoy it While it Lasts. 

        1. Simply Click Your "LMIR Cloud Drive" of Choice (the MixPlorer or ES Explorer) 
        2. Click the "Requests Folder" (#7) 
        3. Click any Apps You Want to Install and Test Out. For Example, Click "HDTV Ultimate".

        10/3 New Quick Update for All "Day 1: Freedom" and "4K Freedom" Builds. This Replaces Dead Links From Nole Nation, CKay TV; Adds More Live TV Channel Options. As of 10-8, This Adds Our Favorite New 1-Click Movies and Live TV App, the Brand-New Relaunched Version of Solex TV, HDTV Ultimate, and the Newly Updated Tea TV, etc. 

        9/22 Fire TV Cube Users Only: if Your Streaming Websites for Sports Appear to Be Down, All the Streams Buffer or Throttle (No Matter Which Link You Click), or the Picture is Dark or Washed-Out when Using the Silk Browser, Try the Firefox Browser.

        1. Hold Down the Alexa Voice Button (the Button at the Top of Your Remote with the Microphone on It) while Saying "Firefox Browser".
        2. Then Click the Select Button on Your Remote to Download Firefox. 


        9/16 We've Gathered Up Several Apps in the "Requests Folder" for You. We Are Only Pointing These Out Because They Outperformed All the Kodi Addons and Most of the Apps We Tested This Weekend During the Peak of all Peak Hours Across  Every Category (Sports, Live TV, Movies, Etc). As Always, we Recommend Our "Online Streaming Sites" for the Most Consistent and Reliable Streaming Experience for Live Sports and the Least Effort, We Have Not Had to Update These for 1 Year and They Are Performing Just as Well as the Day We Added Them.  

        1. Simply Click Your "LMIR Cloud Drive" of Choice (the MixPlorer or ES Explorer) 
        2. Click the "Requests Folder" (#7) 
        3. Click the Apps at the Top of the List Install Them and Test Them Out.  

        9/14 New Quick Update for All "Day 1: Freedom" and "4K Freedom" Builds to Replace Dead Links From Planet MMA, Nole Nation, CotoMovies and Add:

        1. More Quick Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Apps, App Markets, and DVR Section and Inform You About All the Latest New Features and Improvements. 
        2. More 1-Click Options for Movies, TV Shows,  Documentaries, Concerts, and Music Videos.
        3. More Simple 1-Click Live Sports Streams for Football, Baseball, and MMA.
        4. More 1-Click Tools and Walkthrough Videos to Help You Maintain/ Customize Your Device and Increase Performance

        9/4 Please do Not Manually Update Your Aeon Nox Skin in the Freedom Build. The Auto Update Feature is Turned Off for this Addon so There is No Need for You to Do Anything. Just Please Do Not Go Into Your Available Updates and Click to Update It. There is a Bug in the Latest Update that Clears Out All the Sections and Shortcuts to Movies, TV Shows, Etc. 

        9/1 Version 37 of the 4K Freedom Build is Available for All Paid Real-Debrid Subscribers. This is a Major Update = 100 Hours+ of Total Work. New Artwork, Added 5 New Addons and Optimized 2 Addons For 1-Click Autoplay.  See the New "Real-Debrid" Section to Pair Up to Real-Debrid and Click the Option to Restore Your Real-Debrid Info if Needed.

        8/26 Version 37 of the Day 1: Freedom Build is Available. This is a Major Update = 100 Hours+ of Total Work. Removed Every Non-Working Stream Possible. Fixed ExtraMovies and Added 5 New Addons Including Exodus. 

        8/14 New Quick Update is Available for All Freedom 18 Builds to Add:

        1. Quick Tips Directly Into the "Movie Apps" and "TV Show Apps" Sections so You Know Which Apps We Recommend for Binge-Watching TV Shows, 1-Click Movies, Etc. just by Looking at Your Screen.
        2. Shortcuts to the Brand-New "CatMouse" App (an Adfree/Faster/Lighter Version of Cyberflix) 
        3. Shortcuts to Cinema HD App Back for Anyone who Does Not Want to Install "UnlockMyTV"  (a Brand-New Adfree/Lighter Version of Cinema HD)
        4. More GridIron Links for Sports. 
        5. The Usual Clean-Up and Sorting so More of the Best Options are at the Top. 

        8/9 New Quick Update is Available for All to:

        1. Fix Nole Cinema and Fix GridIron (NoleNation)
        2. Fix Solex (Solex is Offline as of 9/29)
        3. Replace Shortcuts for the Cinema HD App with the UnlockMyTV App(an Adfree/ Lighter Version of Cinema HD)
        4. The Usual Clean-Up and Sorting so the Better Options are at the Top. 

        8/3  The Fix for the Xenon Kodi Build Randomly Closing Out.

        Click "Search" in the Movies Section and Click "Yes" to Install OpenMeta to Get Your Portal Back Up and Running in Kodi. (8/4) 

        8/2 New Quick Update is Available for All to

        • Remove Nightcrawler (Made by the Same Developer Who Made "Scrubs" but Developer is focused on Scrubs b/c it is Much Better.
        • Remove Resistance (No Updates for 3 Months or More).
        • Add TempTV Links for Simple Live TV in Kodi
        • Add Sports365 Links for Simple Sports Options in Kodi
        • Adds More  "IT" links for Movies/ Shows,
        • 2 New Addons to Explore for Adult Content (If You Have IT Addon we Found the Password and This Update will Unlock it and Put it in your adult section).
        • 1-Click Movies and Shows for Sci-Fi .
        • Adds a Walkthrough Section for Doing Full Build Updates with the Mixplorer, the Most Easy Way to Update.
        • More Logical Information in the Sports and Live TV Guide Tips Sections as We get Ready for Football Season (We still Recommend the Direct Links for the Streaming Websites in the Build.)
        • the Usual Clean Up, Artwork Enhancements, and Rearranging so More of the Best Options are Closer to the Top 

        7/30 Version 36 is available for all builds. If you have Version 35 and are happy, there is no need to update at this time. This is a minor update to fix Gaia, add 2 New Expander Addons (Luxray and DebridCave), and an Option to Auto Restore Your Real-Debrid Info after Updating. This is in Beta Mode. As of 7/31 Version 36 Adds Some Tweaks to Decrease "Jutter" and Make Videos Play more Smoothly* (This Will Not Fix a Bad Stream, but when You Click a Good Stream, You Will Notice That Scenes with Action and Movement Are More Crisp with Less Motion Lag.)


        7/25 Version 35 of Freedom Lite, the Day 1: Freedom Build, and the 4K: Freedom Build are Available. Please Note that the 4K Build is for Paid Real-Debrid Subscribers. This is a Major Update = 100 Hours+ of Total Work. There are 7 New Expander Addons, New Artwork for Most of the Sections, and Every 1-Click Addon from DeathStar has Been Cleared Out and Completely Redone (Deathstar Alone =20 Addons). Also, Now when You Click Directly on the Word "Movies", "Sports", Etc, You Will Get a List of Quick Shortcuts to Everything in that Section. Think of it Like a Table of Contents for Each Section and Everything is Listed According to Rank (Best Options Are at the Top). For Example, Click Movies and You Get "1-Click Movies", "Latest HD Movies", "Brand-New Movies" Etc. If You've Done a Quick Update Recently. See the instructions in the "LMIR" Section. Click "LMIR Cloud Updates"> "Full Build Updates" Total Time= 10 Mins or Less or Click Here.

        7/18 Kodi Update to Fix the Portal. Also, Try Out "IT" the best New Addon for Movies and TV Shows. Simply Click Your White and Blue Kodi Icon.  

        1. Click "Fresh Install" Whenever it Pops Up on Your Screen.
        2. Click "Continue" (Expect 3 Errors. No Worries it's Just Artwork Click to Verify) or It Will Close Out Automatically When It Finishes. 
        3. Click Kodi 1 More Time and Wait 3-5 Mins for it to Finish. 

        There will Be a Major Update to Freedom Coming Soon to Do the Same but It will Also Add New Easy Expander Addon Options, More International Easy Expander Options, Help Sections with Simple Instructions for Quick Updates and Full Build Updates in the "LMIR" Section, Etc. 

        7/13 TV Tap Appears to Be Back Up and Running

        7/12 Mediabox HD App: Mediabox is New so You May Not Have this App, but if You Do, Click "Cancel" when the Update Pops Up. That's it. The Version You Are Running is AdFree, 50% Lighter, and Approx 30% Faster. We Do Not Recommend the Original Version Esp. for Fire Sticks. You are Free to Update Every Other Media Application on Your Device. 

        7/11 Quick Update Available to Redo the "HD Movies" Section, Favorites, and More. This Also Fixes All the Broken Links for Nole Cinema, the Best 1-Click Movie Addon and #2 on Our Top 10 for Movies Period.. Click Here if You Have the Upgraded  "MixPlorer" Cloud or

        1. Click Your Mixplorer App
        2. Click Your Menu Button on the Fire TV (or Click the 3-Line Menu in the Top Right Corner if You Have an NVIDIA Shield) 
        3. Click "Autotasks"
        4. Click "Freedom Build Quick Update" This Literally Takes 2.5 Mins. 
        • Added More Links to the "Latest HD Movie Releases
        • Added at Least 3 New Sources to Find New HD Movies.
        • Try to Keep Your Build Light, but Every Easy 1-Click, Expander Addon is Now Programmed Into Each of the Sections in Your Build.
        • Simply Scroll Down and to the Right in any Section. (Movies, TV Shows, Ec)
        • Click any Addon after the Word "Expanders" (Do Not Click Addons after the Words "Real-Debrid", Unless You Have a Paid Real-Debrid Account)
        • We Recommend Scrubs, Tempest and MTB's Greased Lightning for Free Streamers that Want Fast Addons. Exodus Redux and Kratos Reborn are Good Options too.
        • From Now on, You will Find the Addon in Each of Your Sections. For Ex. Your "HD Movies", "New Movies", "New Shows",  "Trending Shows", Genres, Boxsets Sections Etc. 
        • Added New International Sections for Pinoy and More. 

        2 New Sections in the Cloud and a New Section in the Freedom Build to Help You Increase the Performance of Your Device. We Go Over How to Use the Best Task Manager, 1-Click Cleaning App, and Easy Uninstaller Application. You Most Likely Already Have these Installed on Your Device Just Click "1-Click File Cleaners" in the "Programs" Section of the Freedom Build. Read the Quick Tips in the Build. You Can Also Read the Full Walkthrough in the New Sections in the Cloud.  As always, See Our Youtube Playlist for Cleaning Up Your Device..

        7/10 Attention all Amazon Fire TV Users: the YouTube App is Available Again Now. Apparently, Google and Amazon Buried the Hatchet.  Simply Hold Down the Alexa Voice Remote Button on the Top of Your Remote while Saying "YouTube". Then Click YouTube to Download the YouTube App Today. 

        Please Update Your Fire TV System Software to Clear out the Update Files and Get the New Improvements.

        1. Hold Down Your Home Button, Click Settings
        2. Click "My Fire TV"
        3. Click "About"
        4. Click "Check for Updates". (Rinse and Repeat If You Have Several Updates)

        When You Are Done, Click Settings> Display & Sounds> ScreenSaver. Change it from 5 Mins to "Off " and Turn off "Alexa Tips" so You Have 2 Less Processes Running in the Background, Slowing You Down.

        7/9 We Are Revamping the "Latest HD Releases" Section of the Freedom Build. In the Time Being, Click "The Crews HD Releases" and "Magic Dragons HD Movies". These Links Are HardCoded so They Should Continue to Work Regardless of the Addon Updates. Thank You! 

        7/5 Version 34 of Freedom Lite, the Day 1: Freedom Build, and the 4K: Freedom Build are Available. Please Note that the 4K Build is for Paid Real-Debrid Subscribers. There are 2 New Complete Sections, International and Real-Debrid (see below). 5 New Addons, including the Crew and Atreites, the 2 Best New Movie Addons (We Do Not Recommend Atreites for the Firestick) and Deathstroke TV (Offline as of 7-15), the Best New Addon for 1-Click TV Shows

        7/4 Looking for Live TV? Join Us in Testing Out Solex TV and Evolve (down as of 7/10. It May Be Just Changing Out Channels, but Uninstall if it Doesn't Work Soon). Click "ApkTime" App Market. Click "Live". and Download "Solex".  Uninstall Exouisia if You Need Space. Open Solex, Click Live TV, Scroll Down 1 time and Scroll Up 1 time to Click US. Also, The RedBolt Build is Now Available for Everyone on Kodi 17. See the Information from 7/2 for More Information.

        7/3 Do Not Update to Kodi 18.3, If you Have Not Done so Already. It Breaks the Portal for Movies and TV Shows. This is the Addon that Pops Up When You Click Directly on the Word "TV Shows" or "Movies". Kodi is Already beta Testing 18.4, so We Are Sure they Will Have a Fix Soon. Until Then, We Recommend Using  MetalliQ, OpenMeta or Any Other Build That is Not Running Kodi 18.3 if You Like Playing Movies DIrectly Out of the Portal. For Ex. If You Have an NVIDIA Shield or Fire TV Cube, CDTV Just Released an Amazing Update for the Infusion Build and Everything is Working Flawlessly.

        7/2 If You Are Running the Xenon Build with Kodi 18 and Want to Clean Out a Few Dead Links and Dead Addons, Click Here to See the New Interface for "RedBolt" by Chef Kodi. It's One of the Lightest and  Most Straightforward Kodi Builds Available. If You Want to Test it Out, Click Here to Switch Over. 

        New Improvements in RedboltV2: The Adult Section Has a Pin# (It is the same pin you always enter). New movie playlists from addons like Venom and Most of the Dead Links from the Recent Kodi Addon Shutdown have been Cleaned. It's 100% Cleaner than the Latest Version of Xenon. (If You Haven't Done So Already, Get the Latest Quick Update for Your Day 1 Freedom Build If You Want the Cleanest Kodi Experience Right Now)

        Feel Free to Skip the Walkthrough Video. This is as Simple as It Gets; 5 Clicks.

        1. Click "The Chef Leia Wizard" (in the "Xenon" Section) 
        2. Click "Chef Kodi Builds"
        3. "RedBolt"
        4. "Fresh Install"
        5. "Continue".

        6/30 New Quick Update for the Freedom Build. This Clears Out Dead Links from Scrubs (Major Overhaul), OverEasy, and 13 Clowns (Both Offline and Done for Good) Props to the Eggman and Clowns for the Last 6 Months of Dedication.This Update Adds Links for "Exodus Redux", "Kratos Reborn", "Resistance", "Watchdogs", "Numbers", and More. 

        6/29 Install the MediaBox Light App. This is a Must Try, Top 3 Application for 1-Click Movies and TV Shows. Uninstall Tea TV (its Simple to Set Back Up if You Want to go Back to It, See the Video for TeaTV Below) and Uninstall Silent Ghost (Its Done) if You Need Space. Click "LMIRCloud"> "Requests"> Click MediaBoxLight to Install it. Have Kids? Click Settings> Kid Mode

        6/28 Version 33 of the 4K Freedom Build is Available for All Real-Debrid Subscribers Who Have Updated to Kodi 18. (See Notes from 6/23 for More Details)

        6/23 Version 33 of the Day 1: Freedom Build and Freedom Lite Are Available for Everyone Who Updated to Kodi 18. This Clears Out and Replaces All the Dead Addons and Repositories that Recently Shut Down (StarTec, 13 Clowns, OverEasy, Etc) and Adds WatchDogs, NiteCrawler (1-Click Expander), Destiny Death Star (Expander) etc. This Includes some Performance Improvements and Small Tweaks. You No Longer Have to Hold Down the Back Button to Stop the Movie. Just Click the Back Button 1 Time and It Stops. Autocompletion is Available for all Movie, TV Show Searches and With OpenMeta You Can Search for Directors, Actors. etc. You Can Use the DVR for Movies. Ideal For Setting Up a Movies Night or Adding Any Movies You Want to Watch but Don't Have Time to Watch Right Now. Scroll Up 2 Times in the DVR Section to Get to the Movies You Add. 

        6/20 New Quick Update to Remove Broken links for Star-tec, Venom,  and Gen-X and Add New Links for Modus, Destiny (Locutus), Watch Dogs, and More. Also, We Add More of the Intuitive MetalliQ Blue Icons with Emoji-Like Expressions to Steer you to the Best New Sections, Apps, Addons, etc., and Make the Help Sections in the Build More Intuitive.  Props Goes to CDTV for the Icons and All the Hard Work He Does on Metalliq and Everything Else.  

        How to Turn off the Prompt to Install "Reality" in Chef Kodi.

        1. Scroll Down 1 Time in the Xenon Section, and Click "Skin Settings"  on the the Skinny 2nd Row .
        2. Scroll Down to "Home Menu" and Scroll Right Exactly 1 Time
        3. Click the Select Button on Your Remote Until You Get to "Menu Item 5 Real-Debrid"
        4. Scroll Down and Click the Widget for Reality, Click "Clear".

        That's it. Click the Back Button on Your Remote Until You Are Back on the Main Screen.

        6/19  We Apologize about Not Having Version 33 Out as Planned. We Are Just Focusing on Quick Updates to Replace Dead Links in the Freedom Build While Kodi Addons Are Bouncing Around from Developer to Developer. We Are Proud to Report We Do Have Very Good News for Both Free Streamers and Real-Debrid Users but This is Not the Time. Out Of Respect for the Developers and the Current Situation, We Are Waiting for the Dust to Settle. We've Seen too Many Storms to Turn Into the Team Who is Racing to the Worlds Fastest Ever  Update for the Update of the Update.This is Not Sparta, This is Streaming.  

        6/17 The Xenon 19.4 Update is Rolling Out Right Now to Everyone with Kodi 18. Version 19.4 is Approx 70% Lighter than the Previous Version. Simply Click "Fresh Install" Whenever the Update Notification Pops Up on Your Screen in Kodi and Click "Continue". Your Build Will Automatically Close Out When It's Done Updating. The Next Time You Click Kodi, Wait 3-4 Mins Before Clicking Anything so It Can Finish Installing Everything.

        Like the RedBolt Build that Launched Early Last Week, No Addons Come Pre-Installed in Xenon 19.4,  Simply Click the Addons You Want When You Need Them and Click, "Yes" to Install Them. This Way You Can Keep Your Build Fast and Light and You Do Not End Up with Entire Sections of Addons You Do Not Even Need Bloating Up and Slowing Down Your Build. With Sports Season Being Basically Over, This is a Super Simple and Extremely Practical Way of Updating that  Eliminates All the Unnecessary Clutter and Allows You to Take Full Control of Your Build.  

        6/16 There is a New Quick Update Available to Fix the Dead Links for Magic Dragon in the Freedom Build.

        6/15 You Can Uninstall Your NBA and RfNHL Apps Now that the Season is Over.

        6/14  This is Just a "Heads Up". You Do Not Have to Do Anything. Everything is Already Replaced or Fixed in Freedom Version 33 but Unfortunately, the Supremacy Repo is Offline. This is Affecting Three 1-Click Addons in Kodi (Magic Dragon, Supremacy, and Planet MMA.) No Worries the Backup Repositories to Auto Update Magic Dragon and Planet MMA Are Already Installed on Your Device. The Auto Update to Fix Magic is Scheduled for Monday and the Update For Planet MMA Already Rolled Out This Afternoon, It Just Needs To Be Fresh Installed. (Uninstalled and then Installed)

        If You Are Looking for 1-Click  Apps/ Addons, Just Click "1-Click Movies" and "1-Click TV Shows" in Freedom. There Are Over 20 Different Options to Choose From and We Recommend the 3 At the Top; Morph TV, Cinema, and Silent Ghost. We Recommend Loki's MMA Section but Click "MMA, Boxing, Wrestling" in the Sports Section and Find the One That Works the Best for You. 

        See the Steps Below if You Are Interested in Learning How to Uninstall and Install New Addons in the Freedom Build, If Not, Just Skip This. We Just  Received 2 Requests Recently for Written Tutorials and Figured This Would a Great Time to Go Over This. We Only Change 2 Settings Total in Planet MMA (3 for Real-Debrid Users) and Planet MMA Does Not Work in Its Current Condition Anyways. so It's Not Like Anyone Has Anything to Lose in This Situation.

        How to Uninstall an Addon in Freedom. 

        1. Click Kodi Addons (in the "Kodi Addons" Section of the Freedom Build)
        2. Click Video Addons 
        3. Long Press the Addon ("Planet MMA")
        4. Click "Information"
        5. Click "Uninstall".
        6. Click "Yes"
        7. CLick "Yes" (In the Future You Will Select "No" for Addons You Are Planning on Installing Back Later, Esp. Big Addons that Take Time to Setup like Gaia, Destiny, Seren. Everything Else Click "Yes" to Clear Them Out.) 

        How to Install an Addon in Freedom.

        1. Click the Back Button Until You are Back on the Main Screen
        2. Click "Addons Market" (in the "Kodi Addons" Section)
        3. Click "Search" at the Top
        4. Type the Name of the Addon (or just "mma") and Click "Done"  
        5. Click the Addon ("Planet MMA")
        6. Click" Install".
        7. If It Asks, Click the Latest Version of the Addon at the top of the List (the Version with the Highest Version Number)

        6/12 Upgraded to Kodi 18 Leia with the Xenon Build? Want to Try a Newer, Faster, and More Straight-Forward Build? Click Here to See the New Interface for "RedBolt" by Chef Kodi. 

        If You like What You See, Click Here to Switch Over. We Just Think You Should Know Before You Switch that There is No Pin # for the Adult Section but You Can Delete the Adult Section. Settings> Skin Settings> Configure Shortcuts> Edit Menu Shortcuts> Scroll Left and Down to "RedBolt District">  Delete. The Destiny Addon is Currently in Beta Mode and RedBolt is Not Compatible with Kodi 17, but You Can Use this Same Process to Switch to a Different Chef Kodi 17 Build using the Chef Kodi Wizard. See the Next Video in this Playlist for a Walkthrough to Switch Builds in Kodi 17.

        Feel Free to Skip the Walkthrough Video. This is as Simple as It Gets, 5 Clicks. Click "The Chef Leia Wizard" (in the "Xenon" Section)> Click "Chef Kodi Builds"> "RedBolt"> "Fresh Install"> "Continue".

        6/10 New Quick Update Available for Everyone with Freedom 18.2 to Replace Dead Links for Sports and Add a New 1-Click Section for Kids Movies/ Shows and More Quick Tips in the Help Sections for Finding Sports, UFC, Boxing, Wrestling, and More.  

        6/6 New Quick Update for Everyone with Freedom 18.2 to Clear Out Dead Links and Fix Glitched Links for Documentaries, Concerts, and More. 

        5/29 Have the Latest 4K Freedom Build Running Kodi 18.2 Leia? There is a Quick Update That Will Add Approx 200-300 "1-Click". 4K Movies to Your Build. Click the Video Below for the Most Simple Way to Update if You Have Upgraded Your MixPlorer Cloud or Click the Link at the Top to See Our Latest Walkthrough Videos to Update or Restore Anything on Your Device. When You Are Done Updating Just Click, "Real-Debrid" in Your Movies or TV Shows Section and Click 4K Movies. 


        5/25 Version 32 of Freedom Lite is Available for Everyone on Freedom 18 Leia.

        New Improvements (these will Be Rolled Out to Everyone in Version 33)

        A New Improved DVR Section Running "OpenMeta" Players instead of Metalliq.  It Just Works and It's Optimized for Movies and TV Shows Now  Just Scroll Up like You Always do to Find Your Latest TV Shows and Scroll Up 1 More Time to Access Your Movies.   

        2 Adult Sections, 1 is Safe and Secure and 1 is Easy to Access. So You No Longer Have to Lock It and Create a Pin#. just Remove the Adult Section Like Always, and Click "LMIR" (in the LMIR Section) if You Want a Secret, Safe, and Secure Adult Section. the Pin # is the Same Pin # You Use to Access Adult in Kodi. 

        New Section for Your "File Cleaners" to Help You Maintain and Improve the Performance of Your Device and at least a Half Dozen More Things Like the New "Greased Lightning" Addon which lis Fully Optimized 1-Click Autoplay and It Lives Up to Its Name.

        5/23 TIred of Your FIre TV Going to Sleep and Closing Out Your Apps? There are no Settings to Turn This Off in the Fire TV, but We Found an App That Can Help You. Click Your ES or MIXplorer Cloud Drive> Requests Folder> "StayAwake". We Had to Open This App 2 Times When We First Opened It. Every Once in a While You will See a Small Notification in the Bottom Right Corner Saying "Google Play Store Not Installed" but the App is Running Fine.  

        5/22 Suffering from the Game of Thrones Blues? or Just Wondering What Could Possibly Kill More Innocent People than a Pack of Dragons, an Army of the Dead, and an Army of the Living Led by Ruthless Dictators? Check out the New Mini-Series of the Year, "Chernobyl". It's Not the "Feel-Good" Series of the Year, but We Guarantee it will Change Your Perspective.

        First Time Installing an App Since Upgrading Your Mixplorer Cloud?

        1. Find Any Application You Want to Update or Install in the Cloud and Hold Down Your Select Button to Highlight it.
        2. Click Your Menu Button or Scroll Up and Click the Menu in the Top Right Corner 
        3. Click "Open With"
        4. Click "Remember"
        5. Click  "Package Installer".

        5/21 (**5/23 Update. We found a Version that Appears to Work for Everyone). NVIDIA Shield Owners Looking for Basketball, Uninstall MemSports and CKayTV. Install NBA Live Streaming V 1.2. (Click Here for Instructions to Install New Apps. Click Here to Learn How to Use Your HD Sports Apps) 

        5/20 Version 32 is Available for Everyone with Freedom 18. Checkout the New Destiny Addon. Just Click Whatever Show/ Movie You Want to Watch with Destiny and Enjoy the Movie Trailer while it Finds Everything for You, Tests the Streams, and Pulls Up the Best Available Quality Stream on Your Screen. Please Note That Destiny is in Beta Mode, but We Have Pulled Out 12 Bad Links and Tweaked 15 Lines of Code to Make This as Smooth as Possible. See  5/12 Below for More Info. 

        5/18 Updated Movie Playlists in the Freedom Build.  Just Click "HD Movies" and Click any Addon to see the New Choices. Added More Movies in the "Must See Movies". Removed Playlists for "Animations", "Marvel Movies", Because No One Was Watching Them and Added "Top 10 Movies of the Week", "80's Classics", "Latest Documentaries", and More. If You Only See Latest Releases in Your HD Movies Section, Scroll Down and Click "Our Favorite Movie Playlists" or "Top 5 HD Addons" 

        5/12 Version 32 of the 4K Freedom Build is Available for Paid Real-Debrid Subscribers with Freedom 18.

        • New Voice Search for NVIDIA Shield Users!
        • Just Click "Search" in Your Movies or TV Shows Section
        • Click "Search for Movies". Hold Down the Select Button on Your Remote for 1-2 Seconds then Say Whatever You Are Searching for with Your Voice. Give it 1 Second to Type it In For You, Click "Done"
        • If You "Search for Movies", You can Search for Actors, Directors, Movie Titles, Etc.
        • If You "Search for TV Shows" You Can Add Newly Airing TV Shows to Your DVR with Ease.
        • Other Optimizations Include: Quick Access to Your DVR Shows from your Homescreen for NVIDIA Users.
        • New Databases for the DVR to Add Shows More Quickly and Handle Requests During Peak Hours.
        • All of the Improvements Listed Below.  

        5/10  Quick Update For all New Freedom 18 Builds.

        • Add More Links for the EIM Application Throughout Your Build (EIM is the Addon that Pops Up When You Click Directly on the Word "Movies" or "TV Shows").
        • Add More Latino, International, and Clean Up the Adult Section.
        • Add the Apps Listed Below into Your Build.  
        • Click Here if You Have Our New "Auto Tasks".

        Optional: While You Are Doing Your Quick Update You Can Uninstall Blokada and Stop Ad and Install the All-New AdGuard Premium and Exousia (Read More About Exousia Below). This Version of AdGuard is Doing a Perfect Job Blocking Ads for Everything in Our Lineup. Click "LMIR  Cloud"> Requests> Ad Guard Premium. Click Here if You Need Help Enabling Adguard. 

        5/8 Quick Update to Fix the Dead Links for the New Destiny Addon in the All-New 4K Freedom 18.2 Build. Click Here if You Have Our New "Auto Tasks".

        5/8 Download the Brand New, All-In-One App "Exousia" (Uninstall Freeflix if You Need Room) Click LMIR Cloud> Requests> Exousia. When You Open the App the First Time and Scroll to the Right to Get to Live TV it will Close. Just Open It and Be Patient When Scrolling through the Menus. Click Directly on the Word "Movies" or "TV Shows" for Genres and Options to Search. Favorite Sections: TV Shows= Excellent for Reality TV and Late Night Talk Shows. Live TV = Excellent So Far Minus a Few Dead Links in the Kids Section.

        5/6 How to Find the Latest Movies and Shows Effortlessly During Peak Hours with Just 1-Click and Your Voice... 

        5/3 Freedom 18 is Available for Everyone. Click the Video Below to Learn How to Uninstall 17, Install and Upgrade to Freedom 18.

        5/2 Freedom 18.2 for Real-Debrid Users is Available to all Paid Real-Debrid Users on the Cloud. Click Here to Pair Up Your Real-Debrid Account and Click Here to Learn About the New Destiny Addon. There has never been another Addon Like this Ever (as of 5/10 This is the #1 Kodi Addon) It's Larger than Gaia and Has Some Very Promising Features like Autotest (the Streams, It Does this in the Background While It's Searching for Streams), "Favorite Streams" allow Us to Tell Destiny Which Streams to Find for You and Which to Test First. etc. (Very Similar to Cinema one of the Best Apps of All Times and Many Many More). The Adult Addon Installers Have Been Replaced with a Much More Powerful and Reliable,12-in-1 Adult Addon. 4qed XXX. If you Do Not Want XXX, Simply Click "Programs", Click "4QED XXX", click Uninstall.

        5/1 Click Here to Upgrade and Optimize the All-New MixPlorer Cloud to Automate Your Updates and Cut the Time It Takes You to Update Your Builds in Half. No More Copy and Pasting. With "Auto Tasks", Everything is 1-3 Clicks In the Cloud. Click Here to See How to Update Your Build to Get the New Mixplorer Section to Update in Your Build. You Just Click "Auto Tasks" and Select the Build You Want to Update or Recover. After You Exit, Click "Restore Build" or Restore Super Favourites. You Can Update Your Builds in 5 Minutes. 

        4/25 Version 30 of the Day 1: Freedom Build Is Available for All Freedom 17 Users..

        4/23 Version 30 of the Day 1: Freedom Lite Build and 4K: Freedom Are Available for All Freedom 17 with the Cloud. As Always, Click the Link at the Top of this Page if This is Your First Time Updating or Recovering Your Day 1: Freedom Build. What's New in Version 30? Freedom Lite and 4K: Freedom (for Paid Real-Debrid Users) are 30% Lighter and Faster. Freedom Light is Less Than 300 Mbs Total, Unzipped and Installed. That is Approximately 50% Lighter Than Most Other All-In-One Kodi Builds. 

        We Replaced 80% of the Links to Kodi Live TV Addons with Direct Links to Your Live TV Applications (Just Like we Did when We Replaced the Sports Addons with Streaming Websites/ Apps at the Beginning of This Sports Season) so Now Everything Just Takes You to the Highest Quality Content and Everything Just Plays and if It Doesn't, You Can Update Your Apps or Replace the Shortcuts By Doing a Simple, Quick Update for Your Super Favourite Playlists (2-3 Mins)

        4/20 Version 30 of Freedom Light is Available for Firestick Users and Anyone who Wants a Lean a Mean Build.  *3-6 Files May Not Go Through Depending on Your Device, When You Update. The 3 Files for "Artwork" Are Recreated Automatically When the DVR Scans for TV Shows and the Other 3 Are Animated "Weather Icons" That Will Most Likely Go Through. If Anyone Has and Issue Getting these Icons and Wants Them, Simply Send Us a Request for a Walkthrough Video and We Will Show You How to Get Them No Worries. It takes 2-3 Minutes. 

        See the Video Here Going Over Simple Solutions for the Worst-Case Scenarios When Updating Your Applications. If You Have Not Used the Apps Below Recently We Are Now Gathering All the Updates for Apps that Have Not Successfully AutoUpdated this Month in the "Requests Folder". Just Uninstall the Apps Below However You Would Like or Click LMIR Cloud> Requests Folder.  ApkTime (Unless You Have Version 2.2), Livenet (Unless You Have 6.7, TV Tap 2.8, or See the Video Above. As You Are Aware, the Auto Updates Unfortunately Do Not Work for These Versions. When You Open Redbox the First Time. Click Any channel, click "MX Player", "Always", Ok. This is the Same Thing You Click for the Latest Update for LiveNet Tv too.

        Optional:  See the Video Here to Learn How to Clear Out or Update the Tojelako Repo Using Our Endless Kodi Sources and Addon Expanders for Plan B Situations, International, Etc.

        4/16 Seren Addon Update (for Paid Real-Debrid Users with the 4K Freedom Build):  If You have Updated Your Build in the Last 4 Months You Are Already Signed into Our Trakt Account. Just Click to Scan Your Trakt Account Whenever You Get the Pop Up Message About the Seren Update in Your Freedom Build. I Believe it Was 1-Click When We Did It and it Took Approx. 3 Mins. This is How We Add New Playlists like the "Latest Releases" in Your "HD Movies", but Feel Free to Add Movies and Shows You Like If You Are Familiar with the Process in Kodi, or Feel Free to Sign Us Out if You Have Your Own Trakt Account. Thanks.

        4/14  Click Here for the Fix to the Latest Metalliq Auto Update that Rolled Out Recently. Click the Video Here to Optimize the Players in Your DVR and Refresh the List of Addons You Can Choose to Play Your Shows.

        4/13 SwiftStreams is Back! Click LMIR Cloud> Requests Folder. You Will See Several Apps Waiting in There for You. 

        4/12 Get the Latest Version of Filelinked App Market for a Much More Reliable Experience. Click the LMIR Cloud> Request Folder> Filelinked 1.53. (Install All of the Apps In Here by Holding Down the Select Button and Clicking Select All in the Top Right Corner or Checkmarking Each App, Click More> Click Install. 

        4/11 For A Working Version of TV Tap, Click LmirCloud> Requests Folder> TVTap. Uninstall Your App if It Gives You an Error Message When Installing. 

        4/9 For Anyone Who Has Updated to Freedom Version 28 or 29, There is a New Quick Update Available to Clean Broken Links in the 1-Click Movies and Shows, Kids Movies, and New Links for the Apktime Backdoor Click Here if You Have the Cloud.  Make Sure You Install the Online Shortcut from the Cloud if You Are Interested in a Much More Reliable Apktime Experience (Click LMIR Cloud> Apktime Update> Apktime Backdoor (Click the Document for a Walkthrough Video and Written Tutorial Going Over How to Use It.). 

        4/7 Version 29 for Firestick Users is Available Via the Cloud (As Always Please Click "24/7 Support" at the Top or Click the Link Above if You "Need Help" above. Scroll Down to see All the Build Update/ Restore Walkthrough Videos. Scroll Down Until You See the 1 Icon, For all the Day:1 Freedom Build Videos. Thanks!

        4/1 Version 29 for the 4K Freedom Build (For Paid Real-Debrid Users) Is Available For all on the Cloud. (As Always Please Click "24/7 Support" at the Top or Click the Link Above. Scroll Down Until You See the 1 Icon, For all the Day:1 Freedom Build Videos. Thanks!

        3/29: Get the Latest Update for Your Apktime App Market. Uninstall Your Apktime App, Do Not Bother With the Update inside the App,  It Doesn't Even Download on Their Website. Click  LMIR Cloud > Request Folder> Apktime 2.0 (As of 3/31 This is ApkTime 2.1. Thanks for the Heads Up Mr. Larry)

        3/28:  Version 29 for the Day 1: Freedom Build is up on All Clouds. (As Always Please Click "24/7 Support" at the Top or Click the Link Above if You "Need Help" above. Scroll Down to see All the Build Update/ Restore Walkthrough Videos. Scroll Down Until You See the 1 Icon, For all the Day:1 Freedom Build Videos. Thanks!

        3/27 How to Re-Optimize Cinema After the Recent Update to Version 1.52: Click the Top Left Corner, Click Settings. Scroll Down to "Sorting" and Make Sure You Turn Off "Sort Links Ordered by Size" and "Sort Links Ordered By Quality" We have the Links Prioritized to Give You the Best Chance for 1 Click Autoplay but these New Settings Are Overriding Our Programming. 

        3/26 Update on Our "Mission Lifeboat" After 1 Month of Constant Tinkering and Work Behind the Scenes and Over 200 Sign In Sessions from the Lifeboat After Launching It Just Over a Month Ago. Everyone Should Now Have Access to Multiple Cloud Drive Accounts and 3 Restore Files to Connect to Us Should We Ever Need to Expand Capacity, Increase Download Speeds, or Need to Bypass Any Issues That Are Beyond Our Control. The New MixPlorer Application Alone Can Access 2 Cloud Accounts Simultaneously. Reach Out to Us if You Need Us. 

        3/25 All Customers with Kodi 18.1 Installed Already, See the Notes Below (from 3/19 to Update Your Build)  For Everyone Else with Kodi 17.6 and the Cloud, Please Feel Free to Update to Kodi 18.1 at Your Convenience. To Be 100% Honest, There Are No Major Benefits Right Now Other Than Future-Proofing Your Kodi Experience. New Improvements Will Be Rolling Out and We Will Post Videos Here when They Are Available. Click Here to Update (You Can Do This Same Process with All of Our Cloud Drives (ES, MixPlorer, FX) We Will Be Releasing a Kodi Walkthrough for Everyone without the Cloud Very Soon. We Just Want to Make Sure Everything is 100% Because There is No Safety Net if Anything Was to Go Wrong or Fail. Thank You.

        3/19 Version 28 of the Day 1: Freedom Build is Available in the Cloud and Kodi 18 Updates for Diggz Just Released Today Too. We Are Testing Version 18.6 Right Now and Should Have a VIdeo Walkthrough Available Soon Assuming Everything Is Up to Par. If You Are Already on Kodi 18, Click Here to See How to Update and Click Here For What to Do after You Update. Click Here for a Video Walkthrough If You Have the Cloud and You Can't Wait to Switch or Your Build is Not Working Correctly.

        What About Kodi 18.1? New Update: As of 3/12 We Are Very Close. Gaia is Working. We Are Just Testing the New Updates for Metalliq, Super Favourites, Etc. Click Here If You Have the Cloud and You Can't Wait to Switch or Your Build is Not Working Correctly. You Can Do This Same Process with any of The Cloud Drives (ES, FX, MixPlorer, Etc). Reach Out to Us if You Are Having Issues with Your ES File Manager. 

        As of 2/15, We Are Recommending That Existing Customers Wait on Kodi 18.1. We Are Awaiting Rumoured Updates for the Metalliq Addon, YouTube Addon, Gaia, and Super Favourites (Which Build Developers Use to Create Playlists). All of Which Are Not Working and Vital for a Complete Kodi Media Experience.

        3/16 Looking for College Basketball? See Your LiveNet TV Application and the SportsHD and YourSports Websites in your Freedom Build> Sports Streaming Websites> SportsHD or YourSports. For a Simple Solution to Optimize the 1-Click Widgets at the Top of Your Freedom Build, Click Here.

        3/13 New Major Updates for LiveNet TV and BeeTV are available in ApkTIme App Market. Click "Top Apps" at the Top. (*These updates will break the link that allows you to click LiveNet and BeeTV in the Freedom build. Get the Latest Version of LiveNet From the Requests Folder in the Cloud Drive and Uninstall Both of the Old Applications Using the Easy Uninstaller App in the "App Markets" Section in Your Freedom Build.)

        3/12 Update for All 4K Freedom Build Users is Available on the Cloud. More Improvements to Decrease the Size of the Build and Improve Overall Speed By Decreasing thumbnails and Clutter Across the Build. Relaunched Resistance with New Scrapers. Removed 13 Clowns, Watch Dogs, Shark, Repo Due to Suspected Malware and Replaced their Scrapers to Make Sure it is Receiving Updates and Being Maintained. 

        3/11 Looking for an Easier Solution to Find NBA Streams? LMIR Cloud> App Spotlight> Live TV Sports> HD Sports (Req Mouse Toggle)>  NBA MemSports

        Update: As of 3-12 We Are Asking That Anyone with Issues Accessing the Cloud Reach Out to Us Regardless of Your Situation. As of 3 pm, 2/23, We Have Decided to Not Wait on the Developers for the ES File Explorer. We Are Launching Our New "ES Lifeboat" to Help Sign In Any Cloud Members Who Have Deleted Builds, System Update Failures, ETC. We Are Also Asking All Paid Real-Debrid Users Using the Gaia Addon to Message Us. Just Email, Text, or Message Us at the Bottom of this Page So We Can Get You Signed In ASAP. Please Continue Reading.  

        This Is Only Necessary for LMIR Cloud Members who Joined Before 1/13/2019 and Are Being Affected by a Known Issue with the ES File Explorer Preventing Everyone from Accessing Microsoft Cloud Account (Google Cloud Users Are Not Affected). Please Be Patient Because We Are Testing the Limits on How many People We Can Sign In Per Day. 

        Want to Help Us Make This ES's Top Priority? Click Here and Leave a Quick Review Mentioning You Can No Longer Login to Microsoft Accounts (Hotmail, Outlook, OneDrive, Microsoft Live, Etc.) Copy and Paste Your Review Into an Email and Send it to  We Apologize for the Inconvenience and We Truly Do Appreciate Your Patience. 


        How to Set Up 1-Click Autoplay: 1. Pick an Addon that's Stable, but Not Your Favorite. For Example, Click Placenta. Scroll to the Left and Click "Addon Settings" in the Bottom Left Corner. 2. Scroll Down to "Playback" then Scroll Right and Click the "Default Action" at the Very Top 2 times to Change it from "Directory" to "Autoplay". 3. Scroll Down and Click to Turn off "Hosters with Captchas". 4. Scroll Right and Click "OK". 

        If You Deleted Out Your Build or Just Can't Wait for Kodi 18 Reach Out To Us. If You Have Cloud Access. Watch This Video On How to Get a Fully Optimized New Premier Build 

        If Any of Your Builds Ever Become Unresponsive. Force Stop Your Build. Be Careful In this Section. Do Not Ever  Click "Clear Data" Go to Your App Launcher Application or TV Launcher.  Find the Build that is Not Responding, Click Your Menu Button or Long Press Your Select Button> Click “App Settings”> Click “Force Stop”> Then Click “Clear Cache”> Repeat (DO NOT EVER. Click “Clear DATA” Or “Uninstall”). Now Just Click “Launch” or "Open" and Wait 1 minute for Your Build to Load.