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Top 10 Apps/Addons and Latest News as of 3/16

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Everything We Have Found Recently to Help You.

4/1/2 New Optimize Update to add New Free Streams from the Scraper/ Resolver Updates Yesterday. It is the Same Process as  a Quick Update but When You Get to #4 Scroll Down and Click "Optimize Freedom Build and Freedom Lite"  Also, Go Ahead and Click "Freedom 18 Quick Update" if You Have Not Done So Already.  (This is Not Necessary if You Have Real-Debrid.).

If You Have Done an Update Recently or If You Don't Have the Cloud. You Can Knock Out the Most Important Part of this Update in a Minute or So By Checking to See if You Have this 1 Provider Enabled. .

  1. Scroll Left to Get to the "Kodi Addons" Section of the Freedom Build (to the Left of "Favourites)
  2. Click "Kodi Streams" on the Bottom Row.
  3. Click "Open Scrapers"
  4. Scroll Down to "Hosters" Then Scroll Right and Make Sure "WatchEpisodes" is Enabled. If Not, click it To Turn It on. (See  Pic Below.).
  5. Scrolll to the RIght and Click "OK" to Save it.

    3-27 New Quick Update Digital Care Package to Add:

    • More Free 1-Click Movies and TV Shows! 3 New Free Sources Alone Add Approx 4,000 New HD Movies and 10,000+ TV Show Episodes to Catch Up on All Your Favorites and Binge Watch Everything New and These Sources Update Daily, if Not Hourly. Heads Up: *To Reduce the Load Time, these Sources Do Not Include Fanart, Plot Summaries, etc. (You Can Just Go to on Your Phone or Computer for Ratings or Use Any of Your Other Apps to Pull up the Movie/TV Show Ratings) and It may Take 2-3 mins to Load Up the First Time You Click Them on 1st Gen Fire TV Stick & Cubes.
    • New Fixes for Bad Links from Exousia, Limitless, AliveHD, Tempest, etc 
    • As of 3-28. Also Click the Autotask to "Optimize Freedom and Freedom Lite" or " Optimize the 4k Freedom Build" if You Have a Paid Real-Debrid Account.
    • Tweeks to Remove Dead Streams.
    • Sign Into the New YouTube and AliveHD (Beta Mode) in Kodi
    • Improvements for Autoplay esp. If You Missed the Last "Optimize" Update
    • A Major Tidy Up of the Build with More Current Tips, Tricks, and Info.

    *RD Users: If You Backup Your Real-Debrid Info (Click "Pair to Real-Debrid"  and Click "Backup Your Real-Debrid Info") Before You Optimize Your 4K Freedom Build.  You Can Simply Click "Restore Your Real-Debrid Info"  It to Pair Back Up to Your RD Account and Seren in 1-Click.

    3/16 The Developer for the Fen Addon is Calling for Everyone to Clear the Cache in Fen After the Latest Update. First Time Clearing the Cache in a Kodi Addon? Simply Find Fen Anywhere in the Freedom Build and follow the Instructions in the Video Below. or if You Prefer the Specific Path In Fen Right Now

    1. Just Click Anything that Says "Fen" in the Freedom Build. 
    2. Scroll up to the Very Top and Click the 2 Dot ".." Menu to Go to the Main Menu Inside Fen.
    3. Click "Tools" at the Bottom of the List
    4. Click "Clear Databases..." and Click "Clear All Cache"

    2-26 YouTube Appears to Be Fixed. A Regular Addon Update Rolled Out Today. If not, Try the Fix Below to "Optimize the Freedom Build" If You Still Have Issues with YouTube and You Have the LMIR MixPlorer Cloud. 

    2-19 New Quick Update to Add More 1-Click 4K For the 4K Freedom Build. More HD Live TV, Sports, Adult, 1-Click Movies, TV Shows, and Kids Movies & Shows. This includes a General Tidy Up of the Build and More Current Tips, Tricks, and Info.  As of 2-20. Also Click the Autotask to Optimize Your Build if You Have the Mixplorer. Real-Debrid Users Will Need to Pair Back Up to Your Real-Debrid Account, but This Includes Major Improvements to Get Rid of Dead Links and Improve Autoplay for Everyone. Just Click the Option to Restore Your Real-Debrid Info if You Clicked to Save it.

    2-22 Update: The Fix Below is no longer available.  You can Click the Blue Youtube App Icon on Your Device to Pull Up Our Youtube Videos. and This Fix will Be Included in the Next Full Build Updates We Release.

    2-18 The Easiest Way to Add the New Codes Required  for YouTube in Kodi.  These Will Be Included in the Next Full Build Update so You Can Just Wait or You Can Click the Video Below. This Would Be a 2 Hour Project, but Thanks to Diggz it's just 2 Mins. That Kid is a Genius.

    1. Click "Install Zip/ Repo" in the "Kodi Addons" Section of the Freedom Build. 
    2. Click "Install from Repository"
    3. Click "Diggz Repository"
    4. Click "Program Addons" 
    5. Click "YouTube Fix"
    6. Click to "Install" and Then "Open" the YouTube Fix. (You WIll See a Notification that the Patch or Fix Has Been Applied When You Completed) 

    2-12 See the New "Movies Time" app with 1 Click Movies, Shows, and More in the Requests Folder and Morphix is back online too

    1-28 New Quick Update for All "Day 1: Freedom" and "4K Freedom" Builds. This Removes Links from Cyberflix VIP and More, Fixes Dead Links from Morphix (Get the Latest Version from the "Requests" Folder in the Cloud, See the Post from 1-9 if This is Your 1st Time.) and Adds New, More Reliable 1-Click Links from Fen, Venom, Alive HD, etc for 1-Click Movies, TV Shows, Concerts, Kids Movies, and More As of 2-2, This Fixes Dead links from CGoto and Deathstar, Adds New 1-Click 4K, TV Catchup, and Search Options for the 4K Build, and Adds the Exousia App back into the Freedom build and More Options for 1-Click Movies, TV Shows, Sports, and Live TV. (See the Requests Folder when You Update to Install the Exousia App.) They Added New Google Links, the Most Reliable Free Streams for 1-Click Movies and TV Shows Last Night. Just Make Sure You Wait 1 Min. For this All-In One App to Load. Click any Movie/ Show and Click "ServerHD". You Can Try the Other Options if You Want Higher Quality Streams, but these Are the Most Reliable. .

    As of 1-20 We Recommend Uninstalling Cyberflix VIP (Not Cyberflix TV, just the VIP Version.) if You Have it. Apparently You Have to Pay to Remove the Ads Now. Just See Your "CatMouse" App. It is 100% Ad-Free and 100% Free or Turn on Your Ad-Blocker and Use Cyberflix TV.

    As of 1-13 You No longer Need to Sign Into Morphix, You Just Need to Download the Latest Version. V1.14 or Above. See the Path to Get to the Mixplorer Request Folder Below. We Are Leaving the ES File Explorer down for the Month Because We have Had to Fix it 2 times This Month and We Refuse to Continue Doing This, We Are Hoping that the Person Who Did This Will Get the Message That this is Not Their Personal Cloud Drive and Stop Deleting Community Files and Stop Uploading Their Personal Files.

    As of 1-9 Skip this. It is No Longer Necessary....See the Login Info You Need to Sign Into Morphix Below.If You Uninstalled Morphix, It's In the Requests Folder (See the Path Below) Just Remember to Click "Save Login" and Make Sure It Is Checkmarked Before You click Login or it Will Make You Enter This info Again the Next Time You Click Morphix.

    Username =  tmdb 

    Password =  morphix 

    The New Viva App is Prompting You to Install the "TPlayer". You can click "Cancel" and Skip it, Click "Install" to  Install the Official Version of Tplayer, or Get the Latest Ad-free Version from the Requests Folder.(Click Lmir Cloud > "ES" or Click "Mix">  Requests (#7)  > It's #6 on the list in the Movies Apps. Also, See the New Morfix app. 

    Also, Click the Folder at the Top of Movies in the Requests Folder if You Have a Gmail Account and a Fire TV Device.You can now Use Movies HD, One of the Most Consistent Apps for Movies and Shows on the NVIDIA Shield Over the Past 3 Years, on the Fire TV Now. You Just go to the Website in the Doc to Get Your 1-Time Activation Code and Verify with Your Gmail. Click this Document In there for More Info..

    As of 1-4 This Quick Update is the Biggest Quick Update to Date for the Freedom Build and It is Good to Go for Everyone with the Mixplorer. As of 1-7 This Fixes Dead Links for The Crew and Limitless in Real-Debrid 1-Click 4K Movies and 1-Click Kids Movies and Adds More 1-Click from Popcornflix, Mercury and More.

    Everything in the Sections for Free Movies, TV Shows, and the 1-Click Movies/ Shows Should Be Fixed and the Best Options Should be at the Top. This Adds the New "1-Click Everything" Section that includes 1-Click Movies, 1-Click Shows, 1-Click Sports, Live TV, Kids, Concerts, Docs, etc.and We Made it Into a Custom Widget You Can Get to Quickly. You Just Scroll Up and Click It at the Top of Your Movies Section. (See the steps below for Our 1st Ever Update Using the "Skin Recovery in the LMIR Mixplorer Cloud. (Everyone who Does  Have Paid Real-Debrid Service. Cont. Reading.  Everyone Without Real-Debrid Service will be Able to do this Starting Monday.) 

    The New 1-Click Everything Time-Saving Widget. Just Scroll Up in Your Movies Section. (As of 1-8 You Also get the 1-Click Widgets for Redemption Movies that Also Work for Free Movies at the top of the "Real-Debrid" Home Page and the Improved Layout Below in All of Your Sections/Home Pages) If You Are Interested Please Do the Steps Below Before Monday.)

    Replace the Movies at the Top with a Custom Widget that Has Shortcuts to 1-Click Everything (1-Click Movies, Shows, Sports, Live TV, Kids, Real-Debrid, Concerts, + Docs. This Skin Update Is Only for Freedom Build (Not Real-Debrid Subscribers) .

    1. Exit Out of Your Freedom Build by clicking "Exit"
    2. Click Your Mixplorer Quick Auto Kodi Updates
    3. Click Your Menu Button on the Fire TV (or Click the 3-Line Menu in the Top Right Corner if You Have an NVIDIA Shield) 
    4. Click "Autotasks" *
    5. Click "Freedom Build Quick Update" (Wait 2-3 Mins)
    6. Click "Autotasks" 1 More Time.
    7. Click "Beta... Freedom Skin Recovery Step 2" (Wait 1-Minute) 

    Click Here for the Complete List of Everything We've Found to Help Recently

    Top 10 Kodi Addons/ Apps for Movies & TV Shows

    Scrubs Kodi Scraper Addons like Scrubs and Fen:  Quick, Powerful, and Filled with Miles of Content. Collections from Top 100 Classic Westerns for Each Decade to the Latest New HD Movies Available. Click any Movie, Click Links from GCloud and Fembed for the Best Quality. 

    Have Real-Debrid? Turn on Your 4K Links. Simply Click on Scrubs Anywhere in Your Freedom Build.

    1. Scroll Left and Click "Addon Settings" (at the very bottom)
    2. Scroll Down to the "Playback" Tab and Change 1080p to 4K
    3. Scroll Down to the "Torrent Support Tab" and Enable "Torrent Scraping".
    4. Scroll to the Right and Click "OK" to Save Your New Settings.

    Theater+ App: This is the Most Simple and Reliable App Available Right Now in Our Opinion. HD Movies and Shows in 1 or 2 Clicks. How Do You Find Theater+? Click "1-Click Movies" in the "Movies" Section. You Can Also Scroll Down and Click Movie Apps. Click "New Releases", "TV Shows", or "Movies'.

     The Magic Dragon Magic Dragon Addon: Looking for an Easier Way to Find the Latest HD Movies? Find MD in the "1-Click" Sections of the Freedom Build. You Can Also Scroll Down and to the Right to Find it In Your Movies and TV Shows Sections. Have Real-Debrid? Find MD in the "1-Click 4K" Section.  

     Gaia Kodi Gaia and Seren Addon = Incredible for Paid Real-Debrid Subscribers Only (Read Notes Below). 

    Gaia and Seren Allow You to Stream Torrents Directly from Real-Debrids Fleet of 40 Unrestricted Servers, So You Get a 100% Secure, Higher Quality, and More Buffer-Free Experience.

    Have an NVIDIA Shield TV and Internet Fast Enough to Support True 4K Streaming? Not the Compressed 4K Everywhere Else. You Need to Try This Out. If You Can Find a Movie in 1080p You Can Usually Find it In Legitimate 4K with Gaia.**Keep in Mind that 4K Streaming is Not Ideal During Peak Hours Like Sunday Nights. Also, Look for Smaller 4K Videos for the Best Streaming Experience. Some of the 4K Videos are 100GB's or Larger. That is More Internet than the Average American Uses in an Entire Month. **. Click Here and See the First 2 Videos to Pair Up to Real-Debrid and Gaia in the 4K Freedom Build.


    Cinema apk is the better than Kodi at finding movies still in the theater for free UnlockMyTV or the Cinema HD Application: The Basics: This Info Applies to Most Movie and TV shows Apps. Click the Menu in the Top Left Corner to Change from Movies to TV Shows. Click the 2nd Menu from the left to Change Genres.

    Click Any Movie or TV Show and Wait 10-15 Seconds. TV Shows Are Setup to Autoplay After it finds 14 Streams. For Movies, Simply Click the Play Icon at the Top. We Use Cinema's "Stream Prioritization" Feature to Tell It Which Streams to Put at the Top of the List. 

    Have Real-Debrid? Click Here and Forget the Part About "Cached Torrents". This is No Longer an Option. 

    Attention NVIDIA Shield Streamers: You May Need to Update Cinema Using Your App Markets. See the "Requests" folder in the Cloud for the Latest App Updates. just find the App, click it to Download it and Install it. Worst Case Scenario: Uninstall Your App and Download the Latest Version or Skip the Update. 

    How to Re-Optimize Cinema After the Recent Update: Click the Top Left Corner, Click Settings. Change "Choose Default Player" to "Cinema". Scroll Down to "Sorting" and Turn Off "Sort Links Ordered by Size" and "Sort Links Ordered By Quality". We have the Links Prioritized to Give You the Best Chance for 1 Click Autoplay but these New Settings Are Overriding Our Programming. 

    Cyberflix is the best terrarium tv fork for free movies shows and new releases better than kodiCyberflix App or CatMouse (AdFree/Faster Version of Cyberflix): Click the Top Left Corner to Switch from TV Shows to Movies, Click Again to Change Genres. Have Real-Debrid? Cyberflix Can find High Quality Streams all the Way Up to 4K Quality. Click the Top Right Corner, Click Settings. Scroll Down Halfway and Click Pair to Real-Debrid.

    1. Click Any Show or Movie
    2. Press Play or Hold Down the Select Button.
    3. Click Links from Vidcloud, Entervideo, and Vidlox.

    If It Ever Asks You which Media Player to Use, Click MX Player Pro. MX Player is Adfree, but Make Sure Your Ad Blocker is Turned on for a 100% Ad-Free Experience

     BeeTV Application: Click the Top Left Corner to Switch from TV Shows to Movies, Click Again to Change Genres. Bee TV is Extremely User-Friendly. It Tells You Which Streams to Click. Just Read the Notes Below Each Link and Click the "High Quality", "Very Fast" Links. Look for the Darker Colored "Google" Links. If It Ever Asks You which Media Player to Use, Click Internal Player. Make Sure Your Ad Blocker is Turned on for an Ad-Free Experience. If You Are a Paid Real-Debrid Subscriber, Make Sure You  Pair Up to Real-Debrid in the Settings. (Attention: Bee TV Now Runs in the BackGround. If You Use Bee TV, Continue Using it. Otherwise, Consider Uninstalling It to Improve the Overall Performance of Your Device.)

     DeathStar Addon Check Out the New 1-Click Sections for Deathstar in the 1-Click Sections. Have Real-Debrid? Checkout the 4K Links in DeathStar. If Possible, Click the Smaller 4K Links for the Best Performance. (Smaller =5GB lol)

     Tea TV Application: Old Faithful. This is the Only Movie/ TV Show App that Has Been on this List for Over 1 Year. 2 New Improvements. Easy Shortcuts to Get to Seasons for TV Shows and "Play Now" Are Clearly Labeled. Also, Try Out the New Discovery Section. Everything from the Latest Super Fights in Boxing and UFC to "Bruce Willis Movies".  (Attention: Tea TV Now Runs in the BackGround. If You Use Tea TV, Continue Using it. Otherwise, Consider Uninstalling It to Improve the Overall Performance of Your Device.)

    TV Zion Application: Excellent for 1-Click TV Shows. Have Real-Debrid? Make Sure You Sign In. You Can Autoplay an Entire Season of TV Shows with 1-Click. Excellent App for TV Shows and Movies. Free Streamers: Click the Back Button and Click the Links from VidCloud and Openload if you Have Any Issues. 

    Mediabox: SImple 1-Click Movies and TV Shows. You May Need to Click this App 2-3 Times to Get it to Open Because it is Enormous. (See Below if You Have any Issues). Explore Movies, Shows, Asian Drama, Etc. all on 1 Page. Click the Arrow on the Right Hand Side to Expand Out Each Section or Scroll Down to the Very Bottom and Click "Movies" or "TV Shows". Have Kids? Click the Top Left Corner, Click "Settings", and Click "Kids Mode". Click "OK" to Restart Your Application. If You Experience Any Issues with MediaBox, Please See the Notes in Your Movies and TV Show Apps Inside the Freedom Build or Click the * Icon at the Bottom for a Video Walkthrough. We Recommend the New Light Version of Mediabox on ApkTime Right

    Morph TV or the New Black Panther Application: No Longer Working As of 11-26 We Are Hoping the Developers Push Out an Update Soon, But For Now At Least, Please Uninstall These Apps. For Help Setting This App Up, Click Here Update: For this to Autoplay Now, You Need to Turn Off all Options (1080p, HD, Unknown, Etc.). New to Streaming? This is Super Simple. The Only Negative: Morph TV Can Be Hit or Miss, But We Setup Morph TV to 1-Click AutoPlay in 30 Seconds or Less So You Will Know Very Soon Either Way.

    How to Operate: Click Any Movie or Show. Morph TV will Find the Streams, Test Them, and Play the Stream that Responds the Quickest. If the First Link Buffers, You Can Click the Back Button to Select Another Link or Try Another Movie or Show.

    How to Turn Off Autoplay: Click Settings, Autoplay, Click the Toggle for Movies, Scroll Down Click the Toggle for TV Shows. When You Click on a Movie/ Show, Please Know that You Are Looking for Brighter Green Links with Smaller Numbers for the Best Results.

    Need Subtitles? Click Back to Get to the Main Screen in Morph TV and Click Settings> Subtitles> Click "Enable Subtitles" and Turn on "Automatically Download.

    The Uninstall List:

    Please Uninstall the Following Apps: Black Panther, CotoMovies, Cyberflix VIP, Evolve, Exousia V2.7 and Below, Jetload,  Morpheus TV, Morph Tv, Morphix Version 1.12 and Below, Phoenix TV, SilentGhost, Showbox, Solex, Terrarium, Watch HD.

    Please Do Not Use The Following Addons and Update Your Build ASAP if Possible. (in Alphabetical Order) 13 Clowns, Ascension, Aspis, Atriox, At the Flix, Deathstroke TV, Destiny (Original Version), Exodus 13C, Gen-X, OverEasy, Maverick TV,  Placenta, Poached, StarTec, Yoda These Are Offline or Have Been Abandoned for 2 Months or More. (If You Have the Cloud, Please Click the Link at the Top of this page for the Latest Walkthrough Videos to Update and Restore Your Build Etc.)

      The Top 10 Best Addons/ Apps/ Websites for Sports and Live TV

       Premium IPTV ($5 to $15 Per Month) Premium IPTV Providers Charge for Their Services because They Have Dedicated Servers for Customers Who Want More 1080p Channels. They Are 3x More Reliable than Most Free Sources and Give You 3x More for Your Money Than Any Other Paid Providers on the Market. Make Sure You Do a Quick Update and Click "Premium Solutions" in the Live TV Section of the Freedom Build for the Most Current Info  if You are Cutting the Cord or Just want the Best HD Streaming Experience for Live TV with All the Premium Channels, Sports Passes, PPV, Adult, etc. You Cannot Go Wrong Either Way. 

      7 HD Sports Streaming Sites Unlike the Free Live TV Add-ons in Kodi, Our Favorite Websites Have a Stable Source of Revenue to Pay for Servers. More Servers = More Reliable Streams. Just Make Sure You Turn on Your Blokada Ad Blocker (Turn off Your Adguard Ad Blocker) and Click the Videos in Your Build or Click Here to Learn About a Few of Our Favorite Sites. Useful Tips: Click the Red Subscribe Button to Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel and Click the Bell Icon to Get Notifications. We Release New Videos Whenever We Find New Sites or Apps Like The Ones Below. Update of 12/2019 Our Favorite Website Streams are Now Just 1-Click. For Example, Click "Live TV Channels", Click "TempTV" and Click "USTV Go" And Our Favorite Sports Websites Streams Are Now in the "US Sports" Section (See the "Endzone" Addon)

      HD Sports Apps. Require the Mouse Toggle Application (or if You Have an NVIDIA Gaming Remote, Use Your Right Joystick) Here's How to Get Amazing Brand New HD Sports Apps For MLB, NBA, NHL, and NCAA Live (This Works for College Basketball too) Click the LMIR Cloud Drive, Click "Requests", "Live TV & Sports", "HD Sports" and Click the New NCAA, NBA, or MLB Live Apps. Not Sure How to Activate the Mouse Toggle? Click Here

      You Can Also Click the Sports, Click "HD Sports Apps", in the Sports Section of Your Build to See Videos and Read the Quick Tips. These Applications Require Manual Updates. Simply Open Your LMIR Cloud and Find the Latest Version. Click it to Download and Install It. If That Doesn't Work, We Are Waiting on the Developer to Release a Working Version of the Application. Please See the Hd Sports Websites Above in the Meanwhile.

      Haystack TV App:  Want a Simple Solution to Find Breaking Local News, National News That is Targeted Specifically for Your Interests, and Late Night Talk Shows? Open Your Haystack TV App and Click "Get Started". Click Through the Quick Walkthrough To Tell Haystack Which Content You Are Interested in Watching. This is the Only Application We Do Not Setup for You Because It Learns What You Like and Finds the Content You Tell It to Follow. No Worries About Tuning In Exactly at 5 PM. Your Local News and Weather Updates are Always Waiting for You In Haystack.Click "US & Local News" in the Live TV Section of the Freedom Build to Search for More Local Channels.

       Mobdro App: Mobdro is Back On Top with the Latest Update. Download the Latest Adfree Version from Your APKTime App Market Today (Bell Icon) to Get Ready For Gameday. (This App Has Doubled in Size and it Runs in the BackGround. If You Use Mobdro Regularly Continue Using it. Please Uninstall Mobdro if You Do Not Use it)

       LiveNet TV Application:  For the Latest Update, Click LMIR Cloud> Requests Folder> LiveNet 1.7 Full Release. If It Ever Asks You which Media Player to Use, Click MX Player Pro. MX Player is Adfree. Make Sure Your Adguard Ad Blocker is Turned on for an Ad-Free Experience. Favorite Sections: Sports and Entertainment Sections (TBS and TNT Are Both in Here for NBA Fans)

      Looking for International? Click Settings In the Top Left Corner. Click "Hide Live Categories" and "Hide Countries". Uncheck the International Channels You Need (We Hide These Channels to Make It Easier to Find US Content, Sorry). To See What Channel the Game or Fight is on, Click Here

      TV Tap Application: You May Need to Click this App 2-3 Times to Get it to Open. Click the Top Left Corner to Narrow Down Your Channels into Categories Like Sports, Movies, News, Etc. Click any Genre or Category. Then Pay Attention to the Language or Nationality Under the Logo for Each Channel). You Are Most Likely Looking for UK and US. Click the Channel That's Best for You and Don't Forget to Click "Change Sources" if the Quality is not Up to Par. It Usually Has a Plan B Option for Each Channel.
      Redbox TV Application
      :  Excellent for Live TV, International, and Sports.  Redbox Has the Most Sports Channels Out of Any Application on Your Device. Red Box Also has the Most Stable Streams for Playing UFC (on BT Sports 1 or 2 for Boxing, See Box Nation). If It Ever Asks You which Media Player to Use, Click MX Player Pro. MX Player is Adfree. Make Sure Your Ad Blocker is Turned on for an Ad-Free Experience.

       Sports Classic TV Addon: Do Not Be Fooled by the Name, This Addon Is Phenomenal for Live TV and Sports. How to Find it? In Your Day 1 Freedom Build, Sports Section, Scroll Down and to the Right. Click "Sports Classic". "or "Sports TV" Click Here to Learn How to Install It.

       Pluto TV Application: Pluto TV Has a Built-in TV Guide. Excellent for Streaming Live News, Movies, and So Much More.
      Deceit Addon: It Gets Its Channels From the Apps Above and Below, Which Makes It Less Reliable than the Apps and More Prone To Errors. But it is Updated Often and Has Sections for Mobdro, Swift Streamz, and Live Net.

      Freeflix TV or Freeflix HQ: If You Have Freeflix HQ, click the Top Left Corner, Click Live TV. This is a Simple App That Is Great for FInding Live TV and International. You Do Need to Dig a Little, but There Are Tons of Channels.

      Red= Uninstall the Following Apps. (The Most Recent Apps to Stop Working are Listed First) Evolve, Exousia V2.7 or Less, MemSportsLive TV Hifi, Empire G1, All the Apps in the "HD Sports Apps" Section (Live Hockey, Live Basketball etc) Arena4Viewer, Sport TV App and UKTVNow. Also, the App Shortcut to the FreeNetTV Website 

      Any Non-Working Versions of LiveNet TV, Redbox TV, TV Tap, Swift Streams, and Snappy Streamz Must Be Uninstalled Before You Can Install the Latest Versions from Your App Markets.

      Do Not Use the Following Live TV Addons.  13 Clowns, Aspis, Atriox, At the Flix,  Gen-X, Maverick TV, Star-Tec, 

      Using an App or Addon That Deserves to Be on This List? Shoot Us a Quick Message Below. (Ex. "Exodus Redux Addon, #5 for Movies")