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Jailbroken Amazon Fire TV 4K Box 2nd Generation
Jailbroken Amazon Fire TV 4K Box 2nd Generation
Jailbroken Amazon Fire TV 4K Box 2nd Generation
*rare* Brand New Jailbroken Amazon Fire TV quad-core stick with ppv sports live tv
2nd generation Amazon fire tv box
Amazon Fire TV 4K Box 2nd Generation 2015
*rare* Brand New Jailbroken Amazon Fire Tv 4K Box 2Nd Gen Fully Loaded - Generation
the best jailbroken kodi box fully Loaded with 4K content
the most android tv sports apps with the best live tv pay per view kodi boxes for streaming
truly plug and play and user friendly media streaming experience with adult entertainment mature kodi apps add ons and the best builds

Jailbroken Amazon Fire TV 4K Box 2nd Generation


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3 Left! Our Lowest Prices Ever on the Fastest Jailbroken Amazon Fire TV Box Ever, with More Options and More HD Content Than Ever. 

What Exactly Does This Include? 

Two Elite Kodi 18 Builds, Including Our Custom "Day 1: Freedom" Build. The Most User-Friendly and the Most Intuitive Build on the Market. (See More Details Below)
Over 20 Streaming Apps including the Best Premium and Free Apps for HD Movies and TV Shows, Live TV, HD Sports, PPV, Adult, etc.
Ten App Markets So You Always Have Options to Explore and Find New Apps and More Content.
200+ Optimizations to  Make the Best Amazon Fire TV Box Even Better (See the "No Spin Zone" At the Very Bottom For the Complete Summary of Everything We Do.

Over 8x More Time and Care Than Our Closest Competitors. 4 Hours+ Setup Time Per Device Vs 30-45 Mins for the Fastest, Most Responsive, and Most Truly "Plug and Play" Experience on the Market Period.

See Our Limited Time Promotions Below
Everything We Sell Ships in 1 Business Day or Less with Lightning Fast & Free 1-3 Day Guaranteed Shipping.

*Amazon Stopped Making the 2nd Gen Fire TV Box Two Years Ago when It Released the Fire TV Cube so the Devices We Receive from Amazon Now Range from Brand-New to Refurbished with Minor Cosmetic Scratches. All Devices Include a 12-Month Manufacturer's Warranty and All Devices Are Thoroughly Tested During the 4 Hour+ Installation Process.

*If You Are Viewing This on Your Phone Please Rotate Your Screen Sideways for The Best Experience*
Fire Tv 4K Box with UHD and Faster Processor and More RAM
We Do Not Want to Be the Biggest Tech Store in the World; We Just Want to Be the BestWe Are the Only Seller with a 100% Lifetime Feedback Rating in the Market. Click Here to See Our Feedback. (Do Not Just Look for the Percentage. Read the Actual Words Our Customers Have to Say About Our Streaming Products and See How Many Repeat Customers You Can Spot. Over 55% of Our Fire TV Customers from 2018 Have Already Become Loyal, Repeat/ Referral Customers.

Very Important. Do Not Fall for "Automatic Updates". Everyone Gets Automatic Addon Updates. The Developers Who Push Out These Updates are Unpaid and the More Popular a Free Streaming Addon Becomes, the More Work It Requires from Them. This is Why 90% of Addons Last 6 Months or Less. Click Here to See it For Yourself.

 Every Single Addon on This List From This Time Last Year is Either Offline or Unreliable. If You Are New to Kodi and Do Not Want to Worry About Manually Programming New Addons and Kodi Builds for the Life of Your Device, Make Sure You Are Getting a Kodi Build With "Full Build Updates" and a Streaming Device With Cloud Access. Otherwise, Plan on Paying a Reinstallation Fee to Mail in Your Device Every 8-10 Months. 

Limited Time Promotions.

Every Other Legitimate Box Seller Charges Hidden Fees When You Need to Update or Reinstall Your Kodi Builds (Average Price = $40 + Shipping) It Takes at Least 1 Week to Receive Your Device Back and You Risk Losing or Damaging Your Device 1-2 Times Per Year. We Do Not like Hidden Fees so We Developed a Much More Convenient and Ethical Solution. Click Here to Add the Cloud Today and See the 3 Guarantees We Offer Every Customer with Cloud Access That No Other Seller Can Promise You.

Fastest FIre TV Box with Free Hd Movies Shows Sports

Make Sure You Know What You Are Paying for with Your Hard-Earned Money!

Everyone Mentions Movies and TV Shows, But Here is Exactly What We Mean By Endless Entertainment
Concerts, Stand-Up, Classic Movies/ Films, War Documentaries, Westerns, International Films, Reach Out to Us if You Want a 100% Family Friendly Setup. Fitness, Cooking Recipes, Books on Tape, Etc.

Click Below to See Our "Day 1: Freedom" Build. These Videos Are Available In the Build Along with Over 20 Other Tangible Benefits You Will Only Find Here, So You Can Watch Them on Day 1 on Your Big Screen if You Are New to Streaming. 

  • 1st Video: Free Movies 
  • 2nd: How to Add Your Favorites Shows Into the DVR.
  • 3rd: HD Sports.
  • 4th: Stand Up Comedy
  • 5th: Concerts
  • 6th: Entertainment (Send Us a Message Saying, "Family Friendly" and We Will Remove It)
  • 7th: News
  • 8th: Local Channels
  • 9th: You Tell Us! Let Us Know What You Want to Find on Day 1. 

    What You Need:  TV, an HDMI Cable, and Fast WIFI, 20 MBPS Minimum if You Are Planning on Streaming 1080P HD.( Anyone Who Tells You Anything Less is Not Telling You the Whole Truth) 
    What You Need to Know:  Just Click on the   Icon on Day 1. and Read the "2 Very Important Rules of Kodi" on Pg. 2 of Your Simple Start Guide while Your Build Loads.

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    • does it have cinema hd, cyberflix and popcorn

      As of 10/10/19, This includes Unlockmytv; a 100% adfree/lighter/faster version of cinema hd; CatMouse, a 100% adfree/lighter/faster version of cyberflix, bee tv for more reliable tv shows, media box for 1-click movies and tv shows, megobox, for 1-click direct streams that are extremely reliable. etc. We do not include popcorn because it uses torrents which can get you in trouble with your internet provider. 

    • I want to buy a fire TV but not sure if hot spot off my phone will work and how many gigs will I use a day that's a 12 to 16 hour day ???

      Thanks for reaching out. I'm going to be straightforward with you.  Mobile internet service via hotspot does not work well with streaming devices. You need home internet service. Certain apps give you nothing but the spinning wheel when you connect via hotspot. Others randomly disconnect. Your hotspot needs to be restarted everytime this happens to reconnect. When you start to figure things out and get to this stage your cell provider throttles you sending you back to the spinning wheel or even worse starts charging you overages per mb, Sometimes you don't even know it until you get your bill. But it's checkmate when you find out you do the math you can watch movies at the theater for the same price in some situations.  

    • i want to cut the cord. i have 6 televisions in my house. 2 of them are 4k and i want to eliminate my cable service. what do you suggest?

      2 questions that can help me get you a more precise game plan. 1st guestion: How many tv's are you going to be Streaming live tv at 1 time? Movies don't matter, ppv replays don't matter, etc. Just live tv, live sports, live ppv at the same time. How fast is your internet? (You need atleast 20mbps per device) For example, if you have 3 devices running at 1 time, you need 60mbps download speeds.

    • i wanted to know if any of your add ons have a built in IPTV service that i can view. i am looking for an iptv similar to Set TV

      We have all the best free and paid apps in the cloud drive and I would recommend the apps over the addons. They Range from $5 to $15. They are faster and don't bloat up your Kodi builds. For an experience similar to Set TV, See the Section in the Freedom Build for "Premium Solutions".