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H96 Max 4K Ultra HD Android TV Box 32GB
H96 Max 4K Ultra HD Android TV Box 32GB
H96 Max 4K Ultra HD Android TV Box 32GB
H96 Max 4K Ultra HD Android TV Box 32GB

H96 Max 4K Ultra HD Android TV Box 32GB


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Please Read the Details Below**
On Average, We Spend At Least 6 Hours Loading Each Brand-New Fully Loaded H96 Max 4K Ultra Box for the Simplest, Truly, "Plug and Play" Experience Period. 
2 Elite Kodi Builds Running the Latest and Greatest Version of Kodi 18.2 Leia and 25+ Streaming Apps.
Over 200 Settings Modifications to Decrease Start Up Times, Load Times, Reduce Throttling, Minimize Lag Spikes, ETC, 
Fully Loaded Android TV Box with Kodi Apps
4 Performance Guarantees
Your Kodi Application is Setup to Receive Full Build Updates. Not Just Addon Updates like Everywhere Else. (Full Build Updates Delete all the Dead Addons and Install All the Best New Addons with 3 Clicks.
Your Device is Truly "Plug and Play" on Day 1 (See Our Video Playlist Below to See How Easy It is to Find Everything You Need and More  On Day 1)
Your Device is Setup to Be Faster, More Responsive, and More Reliable Than Anywhere Else.             
Your Device is More Versatile and Future-Proof (with Kodi 18 Builds Programmed Into Your Favourites .)
    ** There Are a Few Things You Should Know Before Purchasing an Android TV Box. 
    1. We Recommend Android TV Boxes for Customers Who Are Planning on Plugging Their Device Directly to Their Router/ Modem with an Ethernet Cable.
    2. We Recommend NVIDIA Shield and Amazon Fire TV Products for Wireless Streaming 
    3. The Remote Control May Need to Be Pointed Directly at the Box. If This is an Issue, We recommend Any Logitech Keyboard in the $20-30 price range and You Can Find a Better RF Remote Control for Under $10 on Amazon.
    Storage Capacity:


    Operating System:



    Octa Core (Best on the Market)

    Product Line:

    Google TV


    4GB of DDR4 (Best on the Market)

    Max. Resolution:

    4K, 1080p, 3D (Best on the Market)

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    • i have a 4k ultra box where can i get programing services that are not amazon/

      We are currently not installing any android tv boxes because they do not have an easy way to update the firmware for our customer base. The walkthrough videos are usually in a foreign language if they have any updates at all. It requires 20 steps that can brick your box and even when performed by an expert, require you to download viruses and malware to your phone or computer.