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Jailbroken Amazon Fire TV Cube New Alexa Remote 4 Elite Kodi 18 Builds 35+ Apps
Jailbroken Amazon Fire TV Cube New Alexa Remote 4 Elite Kodi 18 Builds 35+ Apps
Jailbroken Amazon Fire TV Cube New Alexa Remote 4 Elite Kodi 18 Builds 35+ Apps
the fastest kodi 17.6 builds and best streaming experience
*rare* Brand New Jailbroken Amazon Fire TV quad-core stick with ppv sports live tv
2nd generation Amazon fire tv box
Amazon Fire TV 4K Box 2nd Generation 2015
*rare* Brand New Jailbroken Amazon Fire Tv 4K Box 2Nd Gen Fully Loaded - Generation
the most android tv sports apps with the best live tv pay per view kodi boxes for streaming
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Jailbroken Amazon Fire TV Cube New Alexa Remote 4 Elite Kodi 18 Builds 35+ Apps


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Our Lowest Prices Ever, Our Best Promotions, and Our Best Fire TV Setup Ever. 2x More Kodi Builds, Kodi Addons, HD Movie Apps, Live Streaming Websites, Etc. for More HD Content Guaranteed or Your Money Back

What Does This Include?

The 2018 Amazon Fire TV Cube with the New Alexa Voice Remote. Four Fully Optimized, Elite Kodi Builds (Kodi 18.4-18.8 Leia), Including Our Custom "Day 1: Freedom" Build with the First-Ever Kodi DVR Section and Built-In Support Applications for Screenshare and Cloud Updates. This is the Most User-Friendly and the Most Intuitive Build on the Market. 

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Over 35 Streaming Apps for All the Best Live TV, HD Sports, PPV, Adult, etc.
Ten App Markets So You Always Have Options to Explore and Find More Content.
8 Hours+ Total Install Time for Each Brand-New Amazon Fire TV Cube Sold. 10x More Time and Care Than Our Closest Competitor 

Now Featuring 250+ Optimizations for the Fastest, Most Responsive, and Most Simple, Truly, "Plug and Play" Experience Period. See the "No Spin Zone" At the Very Bottom For a Complete Summary of Everything We do with Pics.
Everything We Sell Ships in 1 Business Day or Less with Lightning Fast & Free 1-3 Day Guaranteed Shipping.

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Superior Tech Team with Over 11 Years of Experience and a Flawless 100% Lifetime Feedback Rating. Do Not Just Take Our Word for It, Click Here to See All of Our Feedback from eBay, Bonanza, eBid, Etc. 

The only kodi dvr 100% legal streams.

Relentless Innovation. Our Latest Game-Changing Solution is the First Ever Kodi DVR-like Feature, Designed to Automatically Fetch All Your Favorite TV Shows When You Open Kodi Each Day. (See the 2nd Video In the Playlist Below)
Access to All the Best Free Live TV, Sports, and PPV Addons, Websites, and Applications. Stand Up Comedy, Concerts, and Music from every Artist and every Genre (Hip Hop, Rock, Pop, Dance, Jazz, Etc.) Specialized Content like Fitness, Workout, and International Content.

Very Important. Do Not Fall for the "Free Automatic Updates" that Sellers Claim to Have in Bold at the Top Of Their Listings. They Are Only Talking About Kodi Addon Updates and 95% of Kodi Addons Do Not Last 6 Months. Click Here to See it For Yourself. Every Single Addon From Last Year Has Already Been Replaced by a Better Performing Addon. If You Are New to Kodi and Do Not Want to Manually Program New Kodi Builds and Addons for the Life of Your Device, Make Sure You Are Getting a Fully Supported Streaming Device with Access to a Cloud Drive. The Next Time a Seller Tells You That Your Device Updates Automatically, Ask them, "Who Replaces the Addons and Kodi Builds When They No Longer Work?" If Your Device Does Not Include Cloud Access, the Answer is You.

Limited Time Promotion

Every Other Seller Charges Hidden Fees to Update and Reinstall Your Kodi Builds, It Takes at Least 1 Week to Ship, and You Risk Losing or Damaging Your Device 2 Times Per Year. Make Sure You Get this Hidden Fee in Writing Before You Purchase Your Product. We Developed a Much More Convenient and Ethical Solution. Click Here to Add the Cloud Today.

Click Below to See Our "Day 1: Freedom" Build in Action. This Is Actually Available In the Build Along with Over 20 Other Tangible Benefits You Will Only Find Here, So You Can Watch it on Day 1 on Your Big Screen. 

  • 1st Video: How to Find Free Movies.
  • 2nd: How to Add Your Favorites Shows Into the DVR.
  • 3rd: Find HD Live TV and Sports.
  • 4th: Stand-Up Comedy
  • 5th: Concerts
  • 6th: Entertainment. (Can Be Removed Upon Request)
  • 7th: News
  • 8th: Local Channels
  • 9th: You Tell Us. We Take Requests. Click "Contact Us" and See How Fast Exactly How Easy It Is to Find on Day 1.

    We Do Not Cut Corners.
    Each Device is Tested for Quality within 24 Hours of Shipment. 
    Everything is Preinstalled, from the Batteries in the Remote Control to the Optimized Settings for the Most Reliable Video Streaming.

    What You Need: Fast WIFI (20 MBPS Minimum) and a TV with an HDMI Plug.
    What You Need to Know: Click the   Icon and Read the "2 Very Important Rules of Kodi" on Your Simple Start Guide while Your Build Loads. See Our Top 10 List for the Latest New Streaming Tech.

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    • on an amazon product are there still charges for movie rentals or hbo if jailbroken?

      Thank you for your interest. We install close to 100 free sources for Movies and TV shows alone so there is no need to pay for movies. You can watch all of that with our Kodi Build and our streaming setup and more.

    • One more question. Since it's a build. Things constantly change. Well the regular part of the cube update like its suppose too? If it does. Does the programming that you put in "deleted" covered up back to the original version when updated

      We do not root our devices so you don't have to worry about that. We recommend that you update everything on our fire tv devices when you get the notification to update with exception to 1 or 2 applications. For example, the ES File Explorer is optimized for your remote and your device and we have it programmed to open up and go straight to our cloud drive for cloud drive users. With this being said, we do not recommend going out of your way to update to experimental or beta software like Kodi 18 for example right now is in beta mode.  As for part 2 of your question. I apologize but I'm not 100% sure what you are referring to but hopefully, this will answer your question. Nothing automatically updates or automatically reverts back with streaming tech. This is purely a myth that is usually passed on by sellers who do not provide any update or restore options of their own. They just rely on app and addon developers to update everything which usually works very well all the way up until the day the developer is told to take it down. Most apps and addons are abandoned anywhere from 2 to 6 months after launching (depending on how popular and useful the streaming tech is).   

    • Just questions. They might be dumb but honestly I'm just trying to get the most for my money. I'm a war amputee. So I'm hike now a lot. So are this things I can add on to any cube myself if I take the time? Is it just for people that dont have the time to set it up? Are isnt much more complicated then that? U have a cloud storage. 3rd. With the $20 for cloud. It's that your cloud space to share content? Are is it just space to save my own. Please don't think I'm being dumb. I just would like to know before hand. Freaking war kinda messed up my trusting abilities lol. Reason why in asking. Is it just complicated for some to add all this on? Are is a programming you've figured out?

      No worries and thank you so much for reaching out. Real leaders who serve something larger than themselves are rare these days. We live in an attention deficit world with role models who are famous for nothing more than being famous but people like you bring the meaning back to words like sacrifice, dedication, and perseverance. I do appreciate that. Seriously, I mean it, thank you for everything you have done and everything you do. 
      I am 100% confident that you can set up everything yourself. we are not doing anything you could not do yourself It just takes a little bit of time. For example, almost everyone here has been focusing on streaming for 10 years or more. We passed the 10,000-hour milestone earlier this year for our freedom build alone but if you are only focused on just getting the apps and addons, not improving the performance, you can probably learn how to get some apps and some builds in a month or so (just depending on your time available).  As for the cloud drive, it is all about giving you everything you need to not only make sure your device lasts but thrives, saving you time and delivering you the highest quality customer care on the market. 95% of the apps, addons, and builds we offered just last year do not work today and 95% of our current setup did not even exist 6 Months ago. With the cloud, you can click to install apps or copy and paste build updates to your device. Go in your Kodi app and import it in 15 mins even if you accidentally cleared the data. You can feel comfortable to clear anything off your device besides the essentials and our cloud drives but unfortunately, we cannot allow any uploading at this time. We have to keep everything locked down. That is the only way we can guarantee our cloud stays 100% free of any copyrighted content and we can continue to use it to support all of our customers in the years to come.

      Once again, Thank you again for being you. Please reach out to us again soon. 
      Happy New Years My Friend!

    • Does your “build” include all the adult channels?

      The builds include all of the best adult addons. You just click on them to install them or you can reach out to us and we will pin lock or remove the option to add them. It's not channels like the Playboy Channel. The adult addons include thousands of xxx videos separated into categories. So you can click anything you want and instantly stream it. You can also view live videos (live cams) too.

    • What is the purpose of having your cloud drive?

       To learn more about the cloud, click here 

    • How about old movies from the 40’s and 50’s.?

      Everything from Classic Westerns with John Wayne and Tex Ritter to the Golden Age of Movies. Films with Abbott & Costello , Elizabeth Taylor, Agatha Christie, etc.